Iran Army unveils new achievements
Iran Army unveils new achievements
The Iranian Army Ground Forces unveiled on Wednesday their latest achievements in terms of developing new equipment. 

TEHRAN (Iran News) – The Iranian Army Ground Forces unveiled on Wednesday their latest achievements in terms of developing new equipment.

An unveiling ceremony was held on Wednesday under the auspices of the Commander of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi in which the latest achievements of the Army Ground Forces were put on display.

The ceremony was also attended by Deputy Commander of the Army Brigadier General Mohammad Hossein Dadras, Assistant Commander of the Army for Coordination Affairs Admiral Habibullah Sayyari, Head of the Army’s Strategic Studies Center Brigadier General Ahmad Purdastan, Commander of the Army’s Ground Force Brigadier General Kiumars Haidari, Commander of the Army’s Naval Force Admiral Shahram Irani, and Commander of the Army’s Air Defense Force Brigadier General Ali Reza Sabahi Fard.

The new, ultra-heavy tank transporter Kiyan 300 plus and other heavy vehicles as well as various departments of mobile hospitals, which include laboratories, operating rooms, radiology, ICU rooms, and an armored ambulance capable of transporting 6 injured were unveiled.

The unveiling came on the heels of the Army Day on which the Army showcased a set of its upgraded equipment.

On the occasion of the National Day of the Iranian Army, the Air Defense Forces displayed their new equipment and achievements in the field of radar and reconnaissance systems, electronic warfare, drones, different types of missiles and command and control systems.

Fars News reported that the equipment and achievements of the Air Defense Forces, which were displayed on the Iranian Army Day, are as follows:

Drones of the models: Mohajer 6, Karrar, Nasser, Kayan 1, Kayan 2, Arash, Omid, Mohajer 4.

Missile and radar systems: the Majid missile system, portable CPC system, TM wheel COS ICT system, Damavand system, S300 loader system, Sayyad Communications vehicle system, S200 missile launcher, Sayyad 3 and 4 missile systems, Talash missile launcher, Joshan missile system radar, Radtla 15 Khordad system, Command control system, Bavar 373 missile system, Mersad 16 system equipped with Shalamcheh 2 missile, Hadi radar system, the Kavosh radar system, Mersad 15 missile system, Kavosh system operations room, Khatam system to direct fire, and Skycard system’s radar.

Also on Monday, the latest drone of the Iranian army, dubbed Kaman 22, was unveiled for the first time in Tehran.

The Kaman 22 unmanned aerial vehicle of the army is considered a strategic and multi-tasking aircraft. And it is the first giant combat drone of the Iranian army, and it can fly for 24 hours continuously, and its operational range is three thousand kilometers.

The Kaman 22 drone can fly up to an altitude of 8,000 meters and is capable of carrying all types of ammunition, laser-guided missiles and smart missiles. It also has the ability to monitor, control, gather information and photograph distant targets, according to Al Alam.

It weighs 1.5 tons and carries 300 kilograms of weapons and ammunition. It is equipped with combat weapons, cameras and electronic warfare equipment. It was designed according to the operational specifications required by the Air Force of the Army, and it carries 4 bombs of the Qaem class, in addition to two smart missiles, and it was also equipped with the X-Band jamming system.

This unmanned aircraft is similar to the American aircraft MQ9 and is currently undergoing the final testing stage, and the Iranian army has used it so far in the operations of guidance, control and monitoring of the maneuver area.

It is 6.5 meters long, two and a half meters high, and has a wingspan of 17 meters, and its range has increased by 2,000 kilometers compared to its prototypes.

Iran also unveiled the surface-to-surface Fat’h 360 and Labeik missiles as well as the Dezful and Majid air defense systems on Monday.

They were unveiled as the Iranian Army held an annual military parade near the shrine of Imam Khomeini in southern Tehran.