U.S., Main Supporter of Wars in Region
U.S., Main Supporter of Wars in Region
For years it has been proved to the world that arrogant countries just think of their own benefits in other countries and whatever they do is just for milking the countries especially in the oil-rich areas in the Middle East and the West Asia.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – For years it has been proved to the world that arrogant countries just think of their own benefits in other countries and whatever they do is just for milking the countries especially in the oil-rich areas in the Middle East and the West Asia.

The U.S. and its Western allies have always claimed that they have been supporting human rights and the nations against the despotic regimes but in fact what they do is for milking the countries and nations and looting their wealth.

In recent years that war in Yemen has escalated, the Western countries, led by the U.S., have urged the warring parties in Yemen to stop war and come to the negotiating table but they have been actually supporting the aggressors, mainly the Saudi-led coalition forces, in practice.

On Thursday and in another supportive action, the U.S. once again showed its impartiality in the Yemen war and revealed his siding with the coalition forces against the freedom fighters of this country.

The U.S. State Department approved sales of weapons, F-16 fighter jets and related equipment to Middle East allies, namely the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

The Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency said in a statement on Thursday that the State Department approved Jordan’s request for 12 F-16 C Block 70 fighter jets, radios targeting pods and associated munitions components including guided missile tail kits at an estimated cost of US$4.21 billion.

The Pentagon said the prime contractor for the jets is Lockheed Martin Corp.

Saudi Arabia also got the green light to purchase 31 Multifunctional Information Distribution System-Low Volume Terminals (MIDS-LVT) for as much as US$23.7 million to upgrade its air missile systems.

The UAE was also approved to buy US$30 million worth of spare and repair parts for its Homing All the Way Killer (Hawk) missile defense systems.

This comes as there have been increased retaliatory Yemeni missile and drone attacks on the UAE in recent weeks.

Speaking at a press conference in the capital Sana’a on January 31, the spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces said that Yemeni troops and their allies had conducted Operation Yemen Storm III against the UAE, using homegrown ballistic missiles as well as combat drones.

Last November, the United States approved a $650m sale of air-to-air missiles to Saudi Arabia, in what was the Biden administration’s first major weapons deal with the Persian Gulf kingdom.


The Pentagon announced in a statement on November 4, 2021 that Massachusetts-based firm Raytheon would be the “principal contractor” for the sale of AIM-120C-7/C-8 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAM) and related equipment.

The sale came months after President Joe Biden said he would end US support for Saudi Arabia’s “offensive operations” in Yemen, including “relevant arms sales”.

Saudi Arabia and a number of its regional allies, backed by the United States and European powers, launched the war on Yemen in March 2015, with the goal of bringing the government of former Yemeni president Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi back to power and crushing the popular Ansarullah resistance movement.

The war has left hundreds of thousands of Yemenis dead and displaced millions more. It has also destroyed Yemen’s infrastructure and spread famine and infectious diseases there.

The U.S. State Department’s decision once again showed that the Americans do not like tension and war in the West Asia to end because by spreading different phobias like Irano or Yemeno they can sell their weapons to the warring countries at the time when the U.S. is struggling with its worst domestic inflation rate in recent decades.

So with such a decision and supplying sophisticate weapons to the coalition forces, one cannot expect the war in Yemen to come to its end but the Americans are better to stop crying foul when the Yemeni forces attack at the facilities in the UAE and Saudi Arabia because they are entitled to defend themselves against the aggressors.

The Americas and its allies in the region and in the world should realize this point that the era of hit-and- run has come to its end and freedom and independence-seeking nations will not accept any oppression from the arrogant powers with sitting and watching what the Westerners do.

Yemeni forces will continue their struggle against aggressors till their last drop of their blood no matter the aggressors are equipped with the sophisticated weapons because belief in God and strong determination is the secret of victories of the nations against the colonialists and aggressors like the Islamic Republic of Iran did in 1979, it now enjoys independence and prosperity and it has turned into an influential actors in the region and even in the world by establishing an anti-arrogance system which is turning 43-year old this week.