Development, strategic policy of Goharzamin
Development, strategic policy of Goharzamin
Mines can accelerate the growth and development of countries by creating capacities and raw materials for production, employment, value added and tax revenues.

Development, strategic policy of Goharzamin

TEHRAN (Iran News) This is possible with the right policies in this sector and evaluating its effects on other economic sectors. Increasing investment and production in this sector will increase investment in this sector by increasing the return on capital in the mining and mineral industries.

The mining sector is one of the most important economic sectors of countries with abundant resources, which has a lot of anterior and especially posterior connections. Therefore, the growth of this sector can play an undeniable role in Iran’s economic development as one of the economic drivers.

Our country is currently one of the top 61 countries in the world in metallic and non-metallic minerals, with more than 12 types of non-oil minerals with reserves of about 49 billion tons. The existence of these huge reserves as well as the possibility of access to energy, cheap and suitable manpower, strategic position and competitiveness of its products in regional and global markets require that all necessary measures and facilities to share this sector in trade and Global markets.

In order to fulfill the slogan of 1400 based on “production, support, dismantling”, Goharzamin Company has been able to play a significant role in the steel cycle of the country from the beginning of this year to the end of November this year by producing 3 million 175 thousand 764 tons of concentrate. Hiq.

The effects of increasing investment and productivity of the mining sector on value added and exports of different economic sectors of Iran can be calculated using the general equilibrium model. Given the relative opportunities in the mining sector and the need to diversify the country’s economy to reduce dependence on oil and the growth of non-oil exports, a better understanding of the role of mining in the economy can help policymakers determine and approve development plans. Goharzamin iron ore, which is one of the major mining and industrial companies, in addition to double production of products such as concentrate and pellets, has a significant share of job creation. He mentioned the Persian Gulf water line 2, the construction of 3 sponge iron factories each with a capacity of 1.7 million tons, the construction of a smelter with a production capacity of 3 million tons, the construction of a rolling mill with a capacity of 3 million tons and the construction of a 500 MW power plant.

Iron ore exploration and exploration operations began in an area southwest of Sirjan (Kerman province) in 1348, and then Aeroservice Company carried out aerial geophysical surveys and numerous anomalies in an area of ​​45,000 square kilometers between Abadeh Fars and Jazmourian. Identified high potentials of iron ore.

Company Activity:

  • Exploration, extraction and exploitation of iron ore mines and production of concentrate, pellets and steel from it.
  • Installation, repair, maintenance, inspection, service of equipment and machinery required by the company.
  • Purchasing and supplying all kinds of machines, equipment, facilities and materials needed to do the subject of the company
  • Performing engineering services, consulting, management and providing technical knowledge from inside or outside to realize the company’s theme.
  • Participation and investment in other companies and mining and industrial projects, concluding contracting contracts to provide technical and engineering services
  • Undertaking all business affairs such as sales and purchases, exports and imports and all affairs and operations that are directly or indirectly necessary for the implementation of the company.
  • Exploration, extraction and exploitation of iron ore mines and production in 3 concentrate lines and 1 pellet line

Production capacities:

  • The largest crusher in the Middle East with a capacity of 15 million tons
  • A concentrate line with a capacity of 2 million tons per year
  • Two concentrate line with a capacity of 2 million tons per year
  • Three concentrate line with a capacity of 2 million tons per year

Currently, three concentrate lines with a capacity of 2 million tons each and a total of 6 million tons of concentrate per year are in operation. Line 1 pelletizing plant with an annual capacity of 5 million tons and production of 16% of pellets in the country is being operated.

Homeland development plans

In its macro planning, Goharzamin Iron Ore Company has put many activities on the agenda for the economic development of the country, part of which is as follows.

1- Construction of smelter with a production capacity of 3 million tons

2- Persian Gulf Water Transmission Line 2 project

3- Project to increase the capacity of concentrate by 2 million tons

4- The project of increasing the pellet capacity by 2.5 million tons

5- Construction of 3 sponge iron factories with a capacity of 1.7 million tons each

6- Construction of Bardsir 500 MW power plant

7- Exploration and development project of mine reserves: Nehbandan and Jabal areas and Janja and Khonik mines

  1. IPCC Continuous Transfer Project

9- Water recovery project from waste dams

10-Railway transmission project

11- Participating in the construction of terminal and mechanized wharf for unloading and loading minerals – Shahid Rajaei wharf –

12- Participation in the production of rubber in Kerman mining machines

13- Project for implementing access roads to the office building

  1. Landscaping and infrastructure in development sites (13 buildings)

15- Salt extraction project from PIT mine No. 3,

  1. Launching the Stalker and Reclaimer line project

It is hoped that the efforts of specialists, engineers and workers of Goharzamin iron ore complex, as always, brought effective steps in the direction of elevating the lofty goals of this border and environment and developing the slogan “We have made the clean soil of this land a homeland”.