An Authorization to Kill
An Authorization to Kill
Four years the Zionist regime has been supported by the Western countries and its allies to continue its fake life and this illegal regime since its emergence has been living on sucking the blood of Palestinians and bloodshed and on Thursday this bloodsucking regime got license from the United Nations to continue its crimes.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Four years the Zionist regime has been supported by the Western countries and its allies to continue its fake life and this illegal regime since its emergence has been living on sucking the blood of Palestinians and bloodshed and on Thursday this bloodsucking regime got license from the United Nations to continue its crimes.

On Thursday, the United Nation’s General Assembly adopted, by consensus, a resolution that condemns denial and distortion of the Holocaust.

The resolution was approved in the presence of a group of people who survived the Nazi genocide that killed around six million Jews, some two-thirds of the Jewish population of Europe, during World War Two.

The vote comes on the same day, 80 years ago, during the Wansee Conference, when top Nazi officials discussed and coordinated the genocide of the Jewish people, establishing the system of Nazi death camps.

According to the resolution, this genocide “will forever be a warning to all people of the dangers of hatred, bigotry, racism and prejudice.”

In the text, Member States express concern about “the growing prevalence of Holocaust denial or distortion through the use of information and communications technologies.”

It also urges all Member States to “reject without any reservation any denial or distortion of the Holocaust as a historical event, either in full or in part, or any activities to this end.”

This resolution is an official license for the Zionists to officially continue their crimes and mow nobody can dare even question this historic event.

When it comes to the religion or even weaker countries, the international bodies, above all, the Western countries claim they are defending the human rights issue and freedom of expression but when it comes to the Zionist regime’s atrocities, they all forget that they should defend human rights and freedom of speech.

When Westerners and their media like the French weekly Charlie Hebdo with their cartoons attack the religious beliefs and sanctities, there is no UN resolution to condemn it and defend religious beliefs, and they jump to defend the issue of freedom of speech.

This double standard approach of the United Nations will turn it into a Divided Nations body and this body which is to bring unity and to work for all is gradually turning into a tool in hands of big powers, mainly the Westerners and their allies.

The Islamic Republic of Iran which has been always supporter of the Palestine cause did not vote for this resolution to prove this point that it will not retreat any inch from its principles. Of course it does not mean that it denies the Holocaust but it means why nobody is allowed to ask any question on this historic event and when somebody conducts research and questions this issue, the Westerners get angry and start threatening. Several Western intellectuals and researchers have questioned this historic event and have faced with prison terms and bans. The most famous one was Roger Garaudy. He was a French philosopher, French resistance fighter and a communist author. He converted to Islam in 1982. In 1998, he was convicted and fined for Holocaust denial under French law for claiming that the death of six million Jews was a “myth”.

Nobody came to defend him under the claim of freedom of speech but at the same time Charlie Hebdo continues blasphemous cartoons against the prophet of Islam and the West defends it, claiming that it is defending the freedom of speech and it is an apparent double standard approach.

The Islamic Republic of Iran rejected an Israeli-initiated UN resolution against Holocaust denial, saying the document is a new manifestation of efforts by the occupying regime aimed at taking advantage of international mechanisms to cover up own atrocities.

In a statement released on Friday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry dissociated Tehran from the resolution, which was sponsored jointly by Israel and Germany and was adopted by consensus at the UN General Assembly the previous day.

“This measure is another attempt by the Zionist regime to abuse the UN mechanisms in order to cover up its daily crimes. These days, unfortunately, this attempt has been accompanied by the West’s unreasonable support. As it is clear to everyone, the crimes of World War II took place due to the two motives of racism and expansionism. The Zionist regime is now an inheritor and flag bearer of the two evil temperaments,” it said.

“The regime’s racist approach has been clarified in numerous international documents, and despite the strong will of the international community, Israel remains the only racist regime with an expansionist ideology. The Islamic Republic has always condemned genocide under any circumstances and considered it unjustifiable. That is why during World War II, Iran hosted refugees from some European countries, while the fake Zionist regime has constantly tried to use World War II victims and the Jews as an excuse for its shameless and aggressive actions.”

The Iranian Foreign Ministry also denounced the crimes committed by Tel Aviv against the Palestinians

“By violating international law over the past seven decades, this regime and its leaders have committed all kinds of crimes, especially crimes against humanity, against the Palestinian people and the people of the countries in the region. Genocide, assassination, racial cleansing, house demolition and siege are among the atrocities that the Zionist regime is constantly perpetrating,” it added.

“The Islamic Republic reiterates that preventing the recurrence of historical catastrophes requires historical research, which should be done without political judgments and prejudices. Therefore, such constrictive approaches are not acceptable, and such a resolution is not deemed based on consensus, and is thus rejected.”

So with such resolutions, big powers and despotic regimes as well as fake state Israel are emboldened to continue their existence and crimes and the independent and weaker states are gradually losing their hopes towards the international powers to help them in case of dispute and problems because they do not expect bodies like the UN to help them when there is a dispute with Zionist regime or arrogant powers.

The resolution once again proved the people in the world that the Zionist regime has full support of the arrogant powers to continue their bloodshed and they should not seek justice and assistance from such bodies which are under influence of some certain states.