Tehran, Berlin Call for Joint Investment
Tehran, Berlin Call for Joint Investment
Iran and Germany in a webinar on Tuesday explored ways for boosting their economic ties and both sides called for joint investment.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –Tehran, Berlin Call for Joint Investment. Iran and Germany in a webinar on Tuesday explored ways for boosting their economic ties and both sides called for joint investment.

In the webinar which was held in collaboration between Iran’s Embassy in Berlin and Germany’s NUMOV (German Near and Middle East Association), Iran’s Ambassador to Berlin Mr. Mahmoud Farazmand, the CEO of NUMOV Ms. Helene Rang, Head of Iran Trade Promotion Organization Mr. Alireza Peyman Pak and Head of International Affairs of Iran Chamber of Commerce Mr. Mohammad Reza Karbasi exchanged views on boosting trade between the two states.

In the meeting it was decided the talks between Iranian and German parties to continue in the form of specialized workgroups.

Addressing the webinar, Karbasi said that since the past, Germany has had developmental view towards Iran, stipulating that development of many infrastructures in Iran like railway, Esfahan Steel Company, rolling and power plants has been carried out in cooperation with German companies. He added that of course trade relation needs banking relations, adding that as trade without logistical facilities is unsustainable, it is also impossible without banking relation.

He emphasized creating infrastructure for sustainable trade, noting that the ground for sustainable trade between the countries is provided only by the joint investment. He added that it will not materialize except in the framework of trade of good, and creation of required grounds for trade and investment needs understanding and dialogue between the countries.

Karbasi said it was expected Germany to have more effective steps in supporting activities of the private sectors of the two states  after the U.S. exit from the JCPOA. He went on to say that although Iran and Germany’s trade relation grew by 60 percent after the JCPOA, in the recent two years it has nose-dived beyond expectations.

He then pointed to the capabilities of Iranian knowledge-based companies and their high rankings in the world and said German private sector should have a long-term approach and should not look at Iran’s market as only a consumer market but as a competitive and multilateral one.

Then CEO of NUMOV Ms. Rang, for her part, said this association helps German companies for developing market in the Near and Middle East countries and it has cooperated with Iran’s industry ministry in the past. She added that despite challenges, the association has always had amicable relations with Iran and today the trade volume of the two states is 1.54b euros.