Zionists and the Sleeping World
Zionists and the Sleeping World
It seems the Zionists feel immunity from any serious reaction from the international bodies and they continues boldly their crimes in different ways and the resistance front can be the only one which is determined to resists against these crimes and responds to them duely.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –  It seems the Zionists feel immunity from any serious reaction from the international bodies and they continues boldly their crimes in different ways and the resistance front can be the only one which is determined to resists against these crimes and responds to them duely.

In recent weeks the Zionist regime has continued its atrocities and crimes like bombing and air raids and now it is reported this occupier regime is busy with occupying land of more Palestinians.

The American news agency the Associated Press (AP) in its recent report claimed, “Israel is quietly advancing illegal settlement construction projects in and around the city of al-Quds as the occupying entity remains wary of the administration U.S. President Joe Biden.”

On Wednesday, Israeli foreign minister Yair Lapid met with U.S. officials in Washington, with discussions according to a regime official focusing primarily on Iran and Tel Aviv’s ties with Arab states.

The Israeli official acknowledged that the Americans had raised the Israeli settlements issue, but stressed that Palestine was “not the dominant theme in the region” during the discussions.

On the same day, a local planning committee in al-Quds approved the expropriation of land for Givat Hamatos settlement, which would largely cut the city off from Palestinian communities in the southern West Bank.

The same committee also advanced plans for the construction of 470 homes in the existing East al-Quds settlement of Pisgat Zeev.

Additionally, a hearing would be held next month for another project to build 9,000 settler units in the Atarot area of East al-Quds, according to Ir Amim, an Israeli rights group that closely follows developments in the occupied city.

A military body has meanwhile scheduled two meetings in the coming weeks to discuss a planned settlement of 3,400 units on a barren hillside outside al-Quds known as E1.

Critics warn that the land garb policies would largely bisect the West Bank, making it impossible to establish an independent Palestinian state with East al-Quds as its capital and leaving millions of Palestinians living under permanent Israeli apartheid rule.

A body affiliated to the Israeli ministry of military affairs approves plans for 31 construction projects in West Bank settlements, the first such move under the occupying entity’s new ruling coalition.

The Biden administration has criticized Israel’s illegal settlement construction activities as an obstacle to reviving the so-called peace process, but it has not demanded a freeze, the Associated Press reported.


Most of the international community considers Israeli settlement construction illegal under international law and an obstacle to the so-called two-state solution to the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

More than 600,000 Israelis live in over 230 illegal settlements built since the 1967 occupation of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and East al-Quds.

The UN Security Council has in several resolutions condemned the Tel Aviv regime’s settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian lands but it has not stopped the Zionists continuing their illegal activities.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has been the only country which has always stood against this criminal and occupier regime and fortunately the number of the countries which oppose the Zionist regime is on the rise but it is not enough. As long as the international bodies are sleeping and keeping silence on Israeli regime’s crimes, this ’s regime will continue its different types of crimes like state terrorism, assassination, bombing and occupation.

In recent days Israeli forces have attacked under pretention of attacking at Iranian forces in Syria while the truth differs and the Zionists do not like an anti-Israel regime in Syria and attacks are aimed at weakening and toppling the Bashar Assad government.

Iran’s representatives and envoys in the international bodies have repeatedly called for serious reaction against this illegal criminal regime but they have remained silent because of the West’s support.

On Friday, at least 44 Palestinians were injured south of Nablus in the occupied West Bank after Israeli troops attacked protest rallies to condemn the regime’s settlement activities, which are illegal under international law. The clashes occurred when Israeli soldiers attacked anti-settlement rallies, mainly by young Palestinians, in Beita town and the village of Beit Dajan, Palestine’s official Wafa news agency reported.

The Zionists’ atrocities continued on Saturday when the Israeli regime reportedly assassinated Midhat Saleh al-Saleh, a former Syrian lawmaker who was imprisoned in Israel for 12 years, by gunfire in a Syrian town in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

According to Syria’s official news agency SANA, Saleh was killed on Saturday while returning home in the Syrian village of Ain al-Tinah.

While in recent days Iran has written to the United Nations Security Council over a sharp increase in Israeli threats against the country, warning against any “miscalculation” or “military adventurism” on the part of the regime against the Islamic Republic, including its nuclear program, the U.S. Administration has claimed it will oppose what it calls “disproportionate” attention by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Israel.

So the world should awake and take a serious action against these Zionist crimes otherwise the criminal regime will continue the atrocities bolder than ever. Although resistant front has stood against the Zionists and has given a proper response to Israel but to tame this regime, a united voice and response is needed by the UN or other international bodies.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always voiced its support for Palestinians both practically and verbally and it is time for the world community to take a united action to save humanity by stopping the Zionists from continuing its crimes.