Bold and Brave
Bold and Brave
According to reports by an online oil shipment tracking service,  a third tanker containing a shipment of Iranian oil destined for Lebanon docked in Syria’s Baniyas port on Wednesday.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Bold and Brave. According to reports by an online oil shipment tracking service,  a third tanker containing a shipment of Iranian oil destined for Lebanon docked in Syria’s Baniyas port on Wednesday.

The service said the Fortune tanker, registered in Iran, had arrived at the northern Syrian port — the same docking point for previous shipments. The overland delivery through neighboring Syria is against U.S. sanctions imposed on Tehran after then-president Donald Trump pulled America out of a nuclear deal between Iran and world powers in 2018. But it shows how the Islamic Republic of Iran is behind its friends and allies and it is not just friend of good weathers and it will rush to their helps in the hard times.

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian said on Friday during a visit to Beirut that Iran aims to continue sending fuel products to Lebanon in the future and hopes a bilateral agreement can be struck for that purpose.

It means Iran will continue helping its allies despite being under the U.S. sanctions and threats because it does not fear the U.S. or any baseless threats. According to the media reports, Iran’s fuel shipments to Lebanon has mitigated this country’s fuel crisis and this Arab country can count on Iran’s assistance in the hard times.

According to a report by The Cradle news website, which describes itself as a journalist-driven publication covering West Asia, Lebanon’s energy crisis stems from a past decision by the Beirut government to allow private companies to monopolize and set prices in the strategic oil sector, a report says, adding that a recent move by the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah to import fuel from Iran is meant to eliminate the “notorious” monopoly and improve the livelihood of people in the crisis-stricken Arab country.

“As Hezbollah noted at the outset, the price at which Iranian fuel will be distributed to major Lebanese institutions, hospitals, and regular citizens will be lower than the price set by the oil cartel companies,” the report said. “This cost discrepancy will swing the door wide open to serious questions about the size of the profits reaped by private companies in the absence of a Lebanese state intervention.”

So it means Iran is not an opportunistic country to milk its friends in the needy times and it is a genuine friend and ally, and the countries in the region and especially in the Persian Gulf can experience it with having a friendship bond.

Last month, the first tanker trucks carrying Iranian fuel arranged by Hezbollah arrived in Lebanon, with the resistance group declaring that it had broken the “American siege.” Lebanon has been mired in a deep economic and financial crisis since late 2019. The crisis is the gravest threat to the country’s stability since the 15-year civil war ended in 1990.


The economic and financial crisis is mostly linked to the sanctions that the United States and its allies have imposed on Lebanon as well as foreign intervention in the Arab nation’s domestic affairs.

Despite Iran’s aids to Lebanon, some countries are unhappy with Iran’s bold and brave decision for helping Lebanon and they are trying to accuse Iran of different charges but they are unable to change and distort the truth, as the Islamic Republic of Iran is resolved to help its allies.

Iran has been the true friend of its allies or any independent country both in words and in action. The world has seen the Islamic Republic of Iran’s support of its allies in Iraq, Syria, Syria and Venezuela. Lebanon is a small example for this commitment and now the Lebanese are realizing who their real friend is in the hard times and ready to risk its own interests for the sake of this nation.

As Amirabdollahian has said, “At any point in time if the Lebanese government asks Iran formally within the context of their brotherly ties … Iran is ready to send fuel products.”

So any country who stretches its hands for friendship towards Iran will benefit it and it will not be a loser; therefore, countries in the region are trying to shift their hostile policies and make friend with Tehran because they have realized that Tehran can be a better and honest friend for them than other so-called friendly countries thousands of miles away from the region.

Cooperation among the Muslim countries in the region can make a strong front against aliens but it first needs a self-belief and unity that unfortunately it is missed among the countries in the region which has helped the world powers to take advantage of it, and through fanning its flame, they have made them struggle with regional rifts.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has proved that it is a true and trustable ally, and countries in the region should not be deceived by the aliens and cast doubt on this commitment