President Hails Anti-COVID19 Measures in Iran
President Hails Anti-COVID19 Measures in Iran
President Ebrahim Raisi hailed the measures taken in line with fighting COVID19 and hoped for vaccination to hit the record 2 million people per day.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – President Hails Anti-COVID19 Measures in Iran. President Ebrahim Raisi hailed the measures taken in line with fighting COVID19 and hoped for vaccination to hit the record 2 million people per day.

Addressing the national anti-COVID19 committee meeting on Saturday, Raisi referred to developments in Barekat and Razi vaccines production lines.

He also pointed to imports of 50 million doses of vaccine; saying will bring calmness and will remove concerns among people.

He noted that screening plan and vaccination will pave the way for opening schools and educational centers.

Raisi emphasized, “Of course, under any circumstances and even after the quota of vaccinated people is reached, the public obligation to observe health protocols is the most effective measure along with vaccination to protect people against the COVID-19 virus”.

The President pointed out, “It is better that the reports submitted to the task force by the various departments about the decrease or increase in the new cases or fatalities, be presented along with the reasons for this increase and decrease”.

In another part of his speech, Raisi said, “In order to manage public opinion regarding the outbreak and to address unnecessary concerns, it is better to hold scientific and expert meetings on the radio and television under the supervision of the Ministry of Health”.

Referring to the approach of the Arbaeen ceremony the President said, “Negotiations are underway with the Iraqi side in order to hold this ceremony in the best possible way, with the priority of protecting the lives of pilgrims of the Ahl al-Bayt”.

Iran’s imported COVID-19 vaccines surpass 50 million doses, with the 50th consignment of vaccines afforded from foreign sources entering the country on Saturday.

The new batch of imported coronavirus vaccines includes 3.2 million doses of Sinopharm vaccine afforded in the framework of UN’s COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access (COVAX).

Meanwhile on Friday Raisi said his administration prioritizes domestic production and will not allow excessive imports.

He hailed Iranian factories including those manufacturing home appliances for turning threats into opportunities as the country remains under U.S. sanctions.


“The same thing is happening in home appliance factories which have made good progress. They (the enemies) prevented goods manufactured by Korean factories from entering our country, and limited their production and distribution offices in Iran. This resulted in opening home appliance factories which now meet the needs of the country….but some are talking about importing Korean goods again,” the Iranian president said on Friday during a trip to South Khorasan province.

“We will not allow excessive imports that will adversely impact production in the country,” the Iranian president noted.

The Iranian president’s comments come as some reports say foreign manufacturers of home appliances could decide to return to Iran after they left when former U.S. president Donald Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018 and imposed unilateral sanctions on the Islamic Republic.