Kazakhstan Embassy Holds Photo Exhibition on Country’s Achievements
Kazakhstan Embassy Holds Photo Exhibition on Country’s Achievements
 The Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan on August 15 held a photo exhibition on the achievements of the country since its independence day.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – The Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan on August 15 held a photo exhibition on the achievements of the country since its independence day.

Kazakhs in December will celebrate the 30th independence anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan and on this occasion the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Tehran held a photo exhibition to display some of achievements of the country.

A collection of historical photographs were put on display which showed the main milestones of the formation and development of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan’s Counselor Gamzat Khairov hosted this exhibition and briefed the visitors of some of the achievements of Kazakhstan which have been achieved since the Independence Day. He said Kazakhstan managed to create a modern progressive state with a dynamically developing economy, preserving peace and social harmony in the multinational Kazakh society.

He said after the country took major economic policies, foreign investors from the U.S. and Europe rushed to Kazakhstan for investment and currently major big foreign companies are present in the country.

Khairov added that Kazakhstan is a peaceful country and it has no enemies and it is a friend to the whole world and has no border disputes with any neighboring state. He went on to say that, in the very heart of Eurasia, a new capital was erected which is called today Nur-Sultan as the capital has been built from a scratch in a record short period and the main city of Kazakhstan has received worldwide recognition, being awarded the title of “City of the World” by the decision of UNESCO.

The diplomat went on to say that Kazakhstan has become the leader of Central Asia due to its achievements and progresses and now it is the largest economy in the Central Asia region, as the country’s economy has grown 16 times since its independence.

He reiterated that this year, the country’s GDP is expected to grow above 3%.

Then he pointed to some other achievements of the country in the fields of sport vulture and politics.

Khairov by pointing to some photos in the exhibition touched upon Kazakhstan’s ties with Iran since 1992 when their diplomatic relation was established. He said at the end of January-May 2021, the growth of mutual trade between Iran and Kazakhstan amounted to $212.9m having increased by 59.8%. He emphasized that the potential of the two countries has not yet been fully utilized, noting that recently direct flight from Gorgan to Aktau which was launched in April can boost expansion of cooperation between Tehran and Nur-Sultan.

The ceremony was attended by the representatives of Iranian community, mass media, scientific-educational and business circles of Islamic Republic who viewed photos displaying main stages of establishment and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, its achievements in the fields of foreign policy, economy, sport, arts as well as photographs with important moments of the bilateral Kazakh-Iranian relations.

During the event, a short video about success of the Republic of Kazakhstan over the years of independence and historical contribution of Kazakhstan’s First President – Elbasy N.A. Nazarbayev was shown to the guests.


CAPTION: Kazakhstan’s Counselor Gamzat Khairov (L) provides the visitors with more information on the photos