Escape From Quagmire
Escape From Quagmire
Recent developments in the region and nationn’ awareness and awakening have forced the Western countries to leave the region one after the other one in order to avoid more cost and casualties.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Escape From Quagmire. Recent developments in the region and nationn’ awareness and awakening have forced the Western countries to leave the region one after the other one in order to avoid more cost and casualties.

The bloodbath in Kabul Airport has frightened the Western forces in Afghanistan and they are leaving the country one after the other one in order to avoid more casualties after the U.S. irresponsible decision over pulling out its forces without preparing the ground.

After Iraq now Afghanistan seems to be a quagmire for the Western troops and especially for the Americans who used to dominate the region by pouring their troops to countries. Dominance of Taliban in Afghanistan has happened very fast and beyond expectations and it has stepped up pressure on the U.S. which decided to leave the country after spending trillions of dollars and not to support the ruling country.

The U.S. forces entered Afghanistan after terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 in order to contain the terrorism but they only brought violence and insecurity for the Afghan people.

This decision has shattered the world’s trust towards the U.S. and actually towards the Western countries which always claim of restoring peace in the countries by a sending troops and dominating the governments.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei has repeatedly reiterated that the U.S. and its Western allies cannot be trusted and the nations in the region should stand on their own feet and resolve their problems by themselves rather than relying on the assistance of the aliens.

The U.S. military exit from Afghanistan is due to be completed by August 31 and Taliban does not intend to extend it.  According to reports, the Americans are destroying any document in Afghanistan to fully leave this country. The U.S. military has reportedly destroyed the final Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) base in Kabul, as it is preparing to leave Afghanistan after implementing a policy of death and destruction in the country for twenty years.

The New York Times reported that the CIA outpost, called Eagle Base, outside the Kabul airport was destroyed on Thursday, after a suicide attack on the Kabul airport claimed by Daesh killed at least 180 people, including 13 US service members — the deadliest for American forces in Afghanistan in over a decade.

A controlled detonation was reportedly used to blow up Eagle Base, where the U.S. agency said it trained Afghan counterterrorism forces and intelligence agencies. “They were an exceptional unit,” said Mick Mulroy, a former CIA officer who served in Afghanistan.

“They were one of the primary means the Afghan government has used to keep the Taliban at bay over the last 20 years. They were the last ones fighting, and they took heavy casualties,” he claimed.

Eagle Base had been used throughout the two-decade U.S. war in the country. It grew from a small outpost to a sprawling center.

Meanwhile, the U.S. embassy in the Afghan capital told Americans at the Kabul airport gates to “leave immediately,” citing “security threats.”

“U.S. citizens who are at the Abbey gate, East gate, North gate or the New Ministry of Interior gate now should leave immediately,” the embassy said in the alert posted on Friday night.

The report said that blowing up the Kabul base was meant to destroy equipment and documents in order to prevent them from falling into the Taliban’s possession.

The U.S. hegemonic policies in the world and especially in the region and West Asia have reached a dead-end and its troops have been in a quagmire that now President Joe Biden has decided to pull them out of the region to avoid suffering more casualty no matter what the world thinks of the U.S. responsible acts.

As the political experts believe, the aliens and especially Western forces will have to leave the region because of the awakening of the nations and governments and above all mistrust of them towards the West.

The West has proved that it has not been a true and honest partner and ally for any country and government in the region when it is needed what like it happened in Afghanistan. The recent development in Afghanistan and rush of Western troops to leave the country is a good sign for the nations in the region to get rid of foreign forces whose presence is just for looting the countries and exploiting the nations.

Now the countdown has begun for the American forces to fully leave Iraq which is the main quagmire for them and Iraqi people are eagerly waiting for the exit of forces and cleaning their country from the aliens.