Iran Able to Enrich Uranium Up to 90%
Iran Able to Enrich Uranium Up to 90%
President Hassan Rouhani Yesterday said that the country is able to enrich uranium up to 90 percent if it desires.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –  President Hassan Rouhani Yesterday said that the country is able to enrich uranium up to 90 percent if it desires.

Making the remarks addressing the Cabinet meeting, he said “AEOI can enrich uranium by 20% and 60% and if one day our reactor needs it, it can produce 90-percent uranium.”

Noting that Iran has shown that it can resolve its major issues with the world via negotiation, Rouhani said after the withdrawal of the US from the JCPOA, Iran decided to test other solutions when holding talks did not work.

He added that by pulling out from the JCPOA, Trump sought to kill the deal and make Iran’s economy collapse but none of his dreams came true.

The president said that the Westerners wanted to shut down Fordow nuclear site but today, AEOI can enrich uranium by 20% and 60% and if need, it can produce 90-percent uranium.

Rouhani also said that one of his administration’s most important objectives was to safeguard the nation’s rights which were achieved by the 2015 nuclear deal, known as the JCPOA.

Rouhani was speaking in the wake of July 14, a date which coincides with the signing of the JCPOA in 2015. The date has been designated as the day of Constructive Dialog and Interaction in Iran’s national calendar.

He said that some political factions believed that Iran’s disagreements with the world powers and the IAEA on the nuclear issues weren’t solvable through negotiation and they would be solved possibly only through the battlefield.

However, he elaborated, his administration managed to achieve an agreement through negotiation with world powers only within the first 100 days into the office and to stop U.S. and international sanctions against Iran and cancel all nuclear-related UN Security Council resolutions against the nation.


As a result of those efforts, Rouhani stressed, Iran’s inflation rate fell below 10 for three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017 which was unprecedented in Iran’s history.

The President also underlined that Iran’s ability to resist sanctions pressure after the former US President Donald Trump withdrew from the JCPOA was acquired thanks to those three years.

Trump ceased U.S. participation in the deal in early 2018 and resumed all sanctions lifted by the deal. He also imposed many other sanctions in a so-called ‘maximum pressure campaign against Iran.

Rouhani said the Israeli regime, Saudi Arabia, extremist U.S. politicians and Iranian opposition made an alliance to deceive Trump by convincing him that Iran’s political system and the economy would crash within 24 hours after killing the JCPOA.

But their calculations proved to be wrong and Trump had to wait for three years, ending up seeing all his anti-Iran policy fail.

President Rouhani also hinted that the current administration wouldn’t continue talks for the possible return of the US to the JCPOA and thus removing all sanctions against Iran, leaving the task for the new administration of president-elect Seyed Ebrahim Raisi who assumes office on August 5.