Yemenis Not to Bow Down to Threats
Yemenis Not to Bow Down to Threats
Yemeni Muslim forces will continue their resistance and fight against the outside pressures and threats until they celebrate total freedom and having an independent country free from the West’s mercenaries.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Yemenis Not to Bow Down to Threats.  Yemeni Muslim forces will continue their resistance and fight against the outside pressures and threats until they celebrate total freedom and having an independent country free from the West’s mercenaries.

According to reports, the Yemeni army launched a fresh retaliatory attack against Abha International Airport in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern region of Asir, using two domestically-manufactured Qasef-2K (Striker-2K) combat drones.

The spokesman for Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, said in a brief statement posted on his Twitter page that the unmanned aerial vehicles struck the designated military targets at the airport with great precision on Thursday noon.

He added that the airstrikes come within Yemen’s legitimate right to respond to the Saudi-led coalition’s devastating military campaign and all-out blockade.

The development took place only three days after Yemeni army forces and their allied fighters struck the same Saudi airport.

Earlier this month, Yemen’s army troops and allied fighters from Popular Committees also carried out a drone strike on King Khalid Air base near the Saudi city of Khamis Mushait.

The Saudis are busy issuing facile denials of heavy defeats on the front line, and at the same time, fabricating feats for their crestfallen forces, signaling that they are at the end of their tether.

Brigadier General Saree tweeted at the time that the Yemeni forces hit sensitive targets inside the major air base.

Yemen’s Arabic-language al-Masirah television network quoted the Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman as saying that the retaliatory attack was launched by a domestically-manufactured Qasef-2K (Striker-2K) combat drone.

The strike was “accurate,” and came in response to the continuing aggression and brutal siege on Yemen, he said.

Saudi Arabia, backed by the U.S. and regional allies, launched a devastating war on Yemen in March 2015, with the goal of bringing the government of former Yemeni president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi back to power and crushing popular Ansarullah movement.

Efforts to bring the Yemeni forces to the negotiation table have been in vain so far because Yemenis want a full ceasefire and respecting their rights by the West and the international bodies and they will not spoil their fight for independence by accepting the West’s deceptive proposals which are to rescue the Saudi-backed coalition forces.

A high-ranking Omani government delegation visited the Yemeni capital last week, and held talks with the Ansarullah leader, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi.

Yemeni armed forces and allied Popular Committees have, however, gone from strength to strength against the Saudi-led invaders, and left Riyadh and its allies bogged down in the country.

The Saudi war has left hundreds of thousands of Yemenis dead, and displaced millions more. The war has also destroyed Yemen’s infrastructure and spread famine and infectious diseases across the Arab country.

Yemeni people in their almost six-year long struggle have proved the world if there is a will, there will a way and for this reason they will fight for their independence till the last moment because they have the Muslim world backing and they are a model for uprising against tyranny and colonialism.

Recent attacks on the Saudi Arabian facilities have shown some part of Yemeni forces’ power and in the future they can show more if the atrocities of the invaders and foreign forces continue.

Resistance against occupying countries and lackey elements are the only solution for the success and happiness of a nation that Yemenis have chosen it and are ready to die for their cause and the world specially the countries which claim supporting the human rights should accept and respect it.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always been supportive of countries and nations who fight for their independence as it has experienced it in the 1970s against the Pahlavi regime. This support is mainly spiritual despite the claims of the Western countries which accusing Iran of arming the Yemeni forces.

Yemeni people’s strong determination to fight against the invasions is the strongest and most powerful weapon of Yemenis which can bring down any enemy and thwart any plot and attacks.