Stronger Than Ever in the Waters
Stronger Than Ever in the Waters
Iran since the Islamic Revolution has considerably experienced progresses in different fields and it is getting self-sufficiency in different sectors and especially in the military and manufacturing military equipment.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Stronger Than Ever in the Waters. Iran since the Islamic Revolution has considerably experienced progresses in different fields and it is getting self-sufficiency in different sectors and especially in the military and manufacturing military equipment.

Iranian experts and talents have indigenized manufacturing several equipment and even manufactured better version of some foreign-made equipment.

The progresses have been more considerable in the military sector and many weapons have been indigenized and even their sophisticated versions have been made in the country.

On Monday, one of these achievements in a ceremony was officially unveiled and a destroyer joined Iranian naval fleet to make Iran much stronger in the sea and international waters to defend its territories. This is the most advanced destroyer Iran has ever built. It’s called Dena.

The warship joined the Iranian naval fleet in the country’s southern port city of Bandar Abbas on Monday, during a ceremony attended by senior army commanders. President Hassan Rouhani inaugurated the ceremony through a video conference.

The domestically-made frigate is the latest of the Moudge-class destroyers, which is an upgraded version of Jamaran frigate.

It has both combat and defense capabilities and is equipped with a helicopter deck and a radar system that can detect and destroy any aerial or marine threats.

The Iranian navy also put into service its latest minesweeper, Shahin.

The mine countermeasures vessel is 33 meters long and 11 meters wide and can detect and destroy a variety of naval mines.

Iran’s maritime forces turned into a blue-water navy 13 years ago by setting sail as far as the Gulf of Aden and east of the Indian Ocean.

Currently, the Iranian navy is sailing toward the North Atlantic Ocean using two homegrown vessels to mark the country’s longest naval navigation in the high seas ever.

In the ceremony on Monday, the commander of the Iranian Navy says enemies of the Islamic Republic are deeply concerned about the presence of the country’s naval fleet in the Atlantic Ocean.

Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi said, “The presence of the naval fleet of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy in the Atlantic Ocean has greatly worried the enemies of the country.” He added, “This is while the presence of the strategic naval forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran is aimed at [promoting] cooperation with [littoral] countries in the Atlantic Ocean.”

The Iranian commander noted that the American media and the country’s statesmen have been preoccupied over recent weeks with the arrival of an Iranian naval fleet, including the Makran port ship and the domestically-built Sahand destroyer, in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time.

Makran is a ship that has been manufactured to carry out long-distance operations in remote areas and has equipment enabling it to conduct missions anywhere, the Iranian Navy commander said.

Earlier Deputy Chief of Army for Coordination Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said that the Iranian naval fleet has managed to reach the Atlantic Ocean without calling at other countries’ ports, marking the first time the Iranian navy has gotten this far into the Atlantic.

“We consider our presence in international waters an inalienable strategic right of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy and we will continue on this path with strength,” Sayyari added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Iranian Navy commander said as stipulated by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, “high seas belong to all nations and we are now sailing in high seas of the world and this is our first presence in the Atlantic Ocean.”

The senior commander emphasized that the Iranian naval forces are bent on boosting friendly ties with other countries under the flag of the Islamic Republic.

So Iranian navy is now getting stronger in repelling the threats via sea against the country especially in the Persian Gulf and free waters, and enemies cannot dare to attack at it by sea. By the way, Iran can expand its power and trade by sea and restore security in the waters of the region.

Such achievements lead to more concerns for the enemies of the country and put them in a weaker stand against Iran and now the world can gradually realize this point that Iranian experts can materialize any wish and the country will soon be fully self-sufficient in providing its needs in any sector.

Now it is the nation’s turn to show the progress and maturity in the upcoming presidential election by massive turnout because it will strengthen the country’s position in the world and will encourage the domestic scientists and experts for making more achievement for the better of the country and its future in facing the threats and problems.