US Ain al-Asad base targeted with Katyusha rockets: report
US Ain al-Asad base targeted with Katyusha rockets: report
Iraqi sources reported that the US military base in Ain al-Asad was targeted by rockets.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – The Ain al-Asad base in the western Iraqi province of Al-Anbar was targeted by rockets, the Saberin Telegram channel reported on Wednesday.

Shafaq News also quoted a security official confirming the news and reporting that the US coalition base in Ain al-Asad was targeted by four Katyusha rockets.

Al-Jazeera quoted Iraqi security sources as saying that 10 rockets hit the ground near the US coalition base.

The official Iraq News Agency also confirmed the news and wrote that ‌Ain al-Asad base was targeted with 10 rockets.

Saberin News reported that US forces had closed their military unit at the Ain al-Asad base and withdrawn their troops from the watchtower.

It was the second rocket attack in Iraq this month and came two days before Pope Francis is due to visit the country.

About 13 rockets were launched from a location about 8 km (5 miles) from the base, which is in western Anbar province, a Baghdad Operations Command official told Reuters.

The Pope will visit Iraq despite deteriorating security in some parts of the country which has seen the first big suicide bombing in Baghdad for three years.

On Feb. 16 a rocket attack on U.S.-led forces in northern Iraq killed a civilian contractor and injured a U.S. service member.

  • source : Mehr