The minimum wage will rise by 39%
The minimum wage will rise by 39%
with the presence of Shariatmadari, Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, labor and employer representatives, the minimum wage increased by 39%.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –  Minimum wage, excluding allowances and stipends, will rise by 39% in the new Iranian year (starting March 21) to reach 26.55 million rials ($107.05), says Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Mohammad Shariatmadari.

“Workers of other pay levels (above the minimum) will see a rise of 26% plus a monthly fixed sum of 2.41 million rials ($9.7),” he told the Islamic Republic of Iran News Network.

As per the decision made at the latest meeting of the Supreme Labor Council on March 13, representatives of workers, employers, and the government agreed to set the daily wage at 885,000 rials ($3.56), which raises the monthly minimum wage to 26.55 million rials.

Iran has three million home-based producers, but the real number is definitely higher as many home-based businesses are operating unofficially, Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Mohammad Shariatmadari said.

“The share of home jobs in the total number of jobs is 4-6% and their share of gross domestic product is 2-2.5%. Under coronavirus conditions, their share is bound to increase,” he was quoted as saying by IRNA.

More than 2,000 billion rials ($7.69 million) in loans were approved for home-based businesses in the year ending March 2020 and 20,000 people received these loans and 35,000 jobs were created.

“In the current fiscal year (March 2020-21), another 2,000 billion rials in loans have been approved and from March 20 till Nov. 20, upwards of 5,000 people have taken out these loans and more than 6,700 jobs have been created,” he said.


  • source : FINANCIAL TIMES