Sanctions hampering COVID vaccine access for millions
Sanctions hampering COVID vaccine access for millions
Iran's Ambassador to the United Nations Majid Takht-Ravanchi has deplored the illegal sanctions that have hampered the access of millions of people to COVID-19 vaccines, calling for the immediate lifting of the cruel bans.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – “Only together and through an inclusive global approach, we can defeat the pandemic. Illegal unilateral sanctions have prevented hundreds of millions of people worldwide from accessing the #COVID19 vaccine,” Takht-Ravanchi wrote in a Twitter message on Friday night.

“End illegal sanctions immediately to save lives,” he added.

Earlier on Thursday, Takht-Ravanchi denounced sanctions as inhumane, immoral, and illegal, saying their far-reaching, devastating and long-term consequences are as brutal and vicious as terrorism, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

“In order to combat food insecurity in the world, it is necessary to lift siege and sanctions and foster international cooperation,” the Iranian diplomat said via videoconference to a meeting of the UN Security Council that discussed how conflict and food security are interlinked.

“The current number of people at risk of hunger and food insecurity in the world is alarming, which has made it essential and urgent to deal with this challenge,” he added.

He also referred to sanctions as the main reason behind food insecurity, noting that the US anti-Iran bans have prevented Tehran from gaining access to food, medicine as well as medical equipment, and undermined the Islamic Republic’s ability to effectively deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Last October, Iran’s High Council for Human Rights said despite the US claims that human affairs are not covered by sanctions, blocking financial transactions between Iran and the world has practically obstructed the importation of humanitarian articles and drugs used to treat people with serious diseases.

“As attested to by the American officials’ remarks, measures taken by the lawbreaking regime of America have clearly taken aim at the health and lives of [the Iranian] people and are considered ‘crime against humanity,” the council said in a statement at the time.

  • source : Mehr