Return to the JCPOA Is Not Enough
Return to the JCPOA Is Not Enough
The culture of resistance has brought the current generation an experience that most generations for the past centuries have enjoyed few advantages of it or even enjoyed nothing of it.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Return to the JCPOA Is Not Enough, the culture of resistance has brought the current generation an experience that most generations for the past centuries have enjoyed few advantages of it or even enjoyed nothing of it.

The day the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, in explaining the stand of the Islamic Republic of Iran, set the removal of all sanctions and its verification as the conditions of the Islamic Republic of Iran for return to the JCPOA, perhaps nobody could believe that first the post-Trump U.S. and then all the world would have to accept this right-seeking process but today resistance of the Islamic Republic of Iran establishment has borne fruit and it is on the verge of implementation of the JCPOA and bowing down of the opposite sides in the deal.

As per news and reports, thirty-two progressive organizations in the U.S. in a letter to U.S. President Joe Biden have urged him to swiftly fulfill his election campaign promises and join a 2015 Iran nuclear agreement (JCPOA) that was abandoned by the Trump administration. In the letter, the organizations addressing Biden have said that return to the JCPOA has been one of the most explicit and important promises him during his election campaign. They went on to say, “You have stipulated in your promises that you are ready to distance the U.S. foreign policy from Donald Trump’s reckless, unilateralism and war-seeking policy.” They have called the policy of maximum pressure as a dangerous failure, reiterating that this policy not only has escalated tensions in the Middle East but also has actually helped Iran to get closer to have nuclear weapon capability.”

These 32 progressive organizations in the letter have noted that the longer the elements of ‘maximum pressure’ remain in effect, the more it will continue to embolden hardliners in Iran and make U.S.-Iran diplomacy more difficult. They have said, “The recent escalation in military activity between the United States and reported Iranian proxies in Syria and Iraq (pointing to recent attack at Ain al Asad Base in Iraq) only shows how urgently needed a new course of action is.”

In the letter, they have also emphasized different international developments like the new approach of Europe to the JCPOA, the U.S. acceptance of from Europe to join talks on the future of the deal, the acknowledgment that Trump failed attempts in the UNSC for approving the anti-Iran resolutions. They have also rejected this approach that Iran should take the first steps to meet its JCPOA obligations before the United States takes its own steps, claiming that the fact of the matter is that the United States was the first to violate the deal and it is, therefore, reasonable to expect the United States to at the very least take concurrent steps with Iran to rejoin it.”

It seems that preparing the scene for publishing this letter and emphasis of experts and summed up viewpoints by Europe would be the ground for heroic flexibility by the U.S and it seems in the first step Biden to issue a statement in the White House that the U.S. would return to the JCPOA without any precondition.

However, undoubtedly the Islamic Republic of Iran would welcome this step but we should consider this point that backtracks from the unacceptable actions of Trump is considered as the first step in the backtrack in the policy of Europe and the U.S. that it should be considered as a ground for taking serious steps towards removing all sanctions.

The Supreme Leader’s emphasis in Iran on the six-month timetable for verification and making sure of no practical hurdles on the route of Iran’s free trade-in using the SWIFT, purchase, and sales, and banking transactions is not an issue to be ended with just a statement by the White House.

So the Islamic Republic of Iran reacting to the continuity of Western states’ actions will emphasize this point that returns to the JCPOA is a prelude to the objective materialization of the paragraphs of the JCPOA in practical and executive elimination of sanctions.

Experience shows us that the U.S. and Europe in a close alignment will try to magnify the White House statement and without removing sanctions they will ask Iran to take the next step and to make a media hype that it is now Iran’s turn. However, this point should be emphasized that the U.S. pullout from the JCPOA  in the past two years has inflicted heavy damages on the Islamic Republic of Iran, and due to the created distrust climate, if the U.S. return to the JCPOA is not accompanied by the removal of sanctions and at the same time removal of the sanctions is not verified – that unfortunately even with double-standards in the world trade and even the time when the U.S. was a signatory of the JCPOA in Barrack Obama –  Iran has not enjoyed any advantage of the deal according to the political and economic officials with taking behind-the-scene measures.

So it is necessary to be emphasized that the U.S. return to the JCPOA will do Iran any good, and the practical removal of sanctions and its verification for a logical period in its implementation will be important.

  • source : IRAN NEWS