Religion Has Never Been an Opium
Religion Has Never Been an Opium
Leftist and rightist thoughts, according to Martyr Master Morteza Motahhari, in a root contradiction have been to compete with Islam as the most guiding school of thought and to ignore its human-related aims.

TEHRAN (Iran News) -Religion Has Never Been an Opium. Leftist and rightist thoughts, according to Martyr Master Morteza Motahhari, in a root contradiction have been to compete with Islam as the most guiding school of thought and to ignore its human-related aims.

This dear and lasting Master in the garb of a noble ideologue has a famous sentence that when one ponders about it deeply, he finds the current condition of the world more understandable. He says, “Left and Right are both like two sharp edges of scissors that when they reach each other, are after cutting Islam.” Just a couple of days ago I was reading an article from Master Yadollah Javani that I like to quote it here in my article entirely.

He writes, “If religion used to be presented as the opium to the people and as a factor for human society backwardness before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, but today Islam has clarified all ways of the salvation of humanity from all man-made deadlocks. The era of man-made schools with a materialistic approach has come to its end. Socialism should be studied in the history museums and liberalism is agonizing and it will never revive from its deathbed. The Islamic Revolution with the slogan of “No to the East, No to the West” targeted the socialist and liberalist school of thoughts, and with reviving the genuine Islam of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) it put on display the capacities of political Islam for administering the human societies. The Islamic Republic in action proved that not only Islam is not an opium to the people and the factor for keeping human societies backward, but also it is for the growth and excellence of mankind and his progress either individually or socially. With the Islamic Revolution and the Iranian nation’s 42 years of resistance against all pressures and plots of the satanic and arrogant powers, most of the false allegations against Islam like “the contradiction between science and belief” have turned pale. When the Islamic Republic defines “Islamic Civilization” and paving the ground for “growth and excellence of human” on the earth as its doctrine, this doctrine and all goals inspired by it can have describable attractions for all humans from any ethnic and race. The emergence of Islamic resistance in the strategic West Asia region, Islamic awakening in all Muslim states, attention to spirituality in all countries in the world, the growth of Islamism in Western societies especially in Europe are all signs of charms of political Islam. The main reason behind this charm is its alignment and unison in the main mottos of the Islamic Revolution like justice, liberty, ethics, spirituality, progress, and human dignity, with an intact and healthy nature of humans. Now the Islamic Republic as the flag-bearer of the Islamic Revolution civilization movement has turned into an inspiring country for other nations but one should know that Islam has enough power for paving the path and removing all challenges provided that Islamic experts and intellectuals strive in accordance with Islam and with time requirements and operationalizing Islamic concepts and its sublime values, and rise for a deserved jihad in this regards. Now the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, who has wisely in the past three decades steered the Revolution and the Islamic establishment towards the ideals and steered it to survive the tough passes, has such a demand from the Islamic scientists. Last week and in the meeting with the chairman and members of the Assembly of Experts, the Leader termed the spiritual and valuable concepts of Islam as the software of the structure of the Islamic establishment and called for upgrading this software in accordance with the expansion of Islamic establishment activities and the emergence of new challenges, saying, “One of the important tasks of scholars and intellectuals is to strengthen the school of thought of the Islamic government in order to operationalize the required concepts in the society.”

Regarding the deep concepts that the writer has brought in his article, this notification is timely that why the Islamic Revolution in creating a psychological behavior bed has not provided the ground for the welfare of its citizens, to understand it better, I should mention that in the executive operation in the Islamic Republic we have faced with rightist and liberal governments and during the past 42, it has not been the Islamic Revolution to have set the execution policy, but it has been the choice that set the base for the behavior basics for running the country and if all convergent foundations in choosing had been aligned with the Islamic Revolution, we would have never faced with such a challenge that the Gini coefficient, used in the economy as the standard for representing income inequality, becomes so gravely wide.

Today fortunately the ground for better understanding of executive deviations has been set up and this optimism exists that on the course of screening, we can provide a ground for a choice matching the Revolution material in order that people find a model fully in line with proper and religious concepts and move towards its materialization.


  • source : IRAN NEWS