President lauds supplying COVID19 vaccine in Iran
President lauds supplying COVID19 vaccine in Iran
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said producing coronavirus vaccine in difficult conditions is an honor for Iran.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Elaborating on the measures taken for supplying safe COVID19 vaccine from Russia, China, and India, President Rouhani appreciated the efforts made by the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Health, Central Bank of Iran Planning and Budget Organization, and Iranian ambassadors in these countries.

Referring to the steps taken by the Iranian Health Ministry in line with supplying foreign vaccines, president said Iran has had a successful performance in producing domestic vaccines and supplying foreign ones.

Phase 2 and 3 of a clinical trial for the first Iranian coronavirus vaccine, COVIran Barakat, began on Monday with two voluntary receivers.

The first phase of the COVIran Barakat test was carried out early in January and 56 volunteers at the age of 18-50 received two doses of the vaccine.

The collection of blood samples from phase one volunteers completed last week and the final report was handed over to Iran’s Health Ministry.

Yesterday, Speaking at the unveiling ceremony of the Sepand vaccine, Namaki said that it was the product of a project commenced by Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the nuclear scientist assassinated by agents of the Zionist Regime in November.

Namaki is going to give more details about the Sepand vaccine on Tuesday when the clinical trial will begin.

In addition to Sepand, three other COVID-19 vaccine projects in Iran have begun their clinical trial. Razi Serum Production Institute and Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order are two Iranian institutes that are working on the vaccine, as well as the Soberana-01 vaccine of Cuba which began a clinical trial in Iran.

In the ceremony, spokesman for headquarters for the fight against the coronavirus Alireza Raisi said that 1,260,000 doses of different coronavirus vaccines have so far been imported in order to vaccinate over 1 million people working as healthcare personnel in the coming weeks.

  • source : IRNA