Last Editorial of the Century Which Passed
Last Editorial of the Century Which Passed
There have been a few days that I have been pondering how I pass my hours of life and how I have passed 1399, the last year of the 14th century.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – There have been a few days that I have been pondering how I pass my hours of life and how I have passed 1399, the last year of the 14th century of solar hijra, and how I will begin the first year of the 15 century of solar hijra (1400). In the Holy Quran which is the main book of Muslims, there is a chapter which has been descended by God to the great Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) whose name is Al-Asr (the Afternoon; epoch; pressure) and is the 103rd chapter of the Book. In this chapter it has been said, “By (the Token of) Time (through the ages), verily Man is in loss, except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy.”

During the early days of Islam, people used to recite this chapter when they wanted to bid farewell to each other. Almighty God in the Holy Quran has sworn to all periods of time and has sworn to the dawn, morning, day, night, breakfast time and even He has sworn to early morning several times. In a hadith (tradition) which has been quoted from the Sixth Imam of Shiites Imam Sadeq (AS) he has said that “Asr” means exit and the days of Re-Appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (AS), the 12th Imam of Shiites.

And some people also believe that “Asr” means the era of the emergence of Islam and some people have defined it based on the lexical meaning of the word which means extract and pressure because pressures cause spoiling of reasoning, and men’s efforts and initiatives but it is closer to the reason that we take “Asr” as the extract of existence, namely, a perfect human.

It should be acknowledged that material damage is repairable but damage in humanity is the highest and biggest damage. Inviting others to the right may have bitter consequences that one should welcome with patience and resistance.

Fakhr Razi is one of the most famous interpreters of the Holy Quran and is Sunni. He says, “Man in the world is like an ice seller that any moment his asset is melting down and he should sell his commodity as soon as possible otherwise he will face loss.” Although inviting people to the right and patience is of the good deeds but due to its importance, it has been separately mentioned. Although patience and resistance are also right and include it, it has been mentioned separately.

A glance at verses of the Holy Quran takes us to this essential point that the world is a market where all people offer their lives, capabilities, and talents, and the sale of the commodity in this market is mandatory. Regarding this issue, Hazrat Ali (AS), the first Imam of Shiites, says, “Man’s breathing is a step towards his death. So man any moment loses his wealth (life), and we cannot stop the passage of our lives and capabilities. Whether we want it or not.”

Now with such a climate, if we want to look at our future era, which may happen in the future with, political glasses, we should take back a little and review the set seats for the materialization of our goals in the future. Last year, the Coronavirus pandemic was the lead story in the news and among the events in the world and it seemed that the next year would also be dominated by talks on health management and dealing with this pandemic and its vaccine, and ultimately on any events related to it. If I want to look at the highlights of events that happened last year, I will not miss the expulsion of Donald Trump from the White House. Of course, I acknowledge this point that Joe Biden who has replaced Trump in the White House is suffering from the “doubt in making decision” disease and it is likely that he will neither be able to turn his back to the Zionists nor can ignore the blessings of the JCPOA and closeness to Europe. After these events, I should point to Chin’s leap for the next ten years.

Trump in his last year in office behaved in a way that fully convinced the Chinese that in a logical range of time they should withdraw some part of their roughly $3,000b forex reserves from the U.S. and invest in West Asia and Africa. It seems this move has kicked off and it goes slowly but prudently towards its materialization.

World people passed the last year without the physical presence of Martyr Haj Qasem Soleimani. He was the one who routed the vicious calamity for humanity, namely, the Daesh group. Last year and just one day before the start of the spring, IRGC’s air defense in a shocking blow to the U.S. shot down the 200m-dollar U.S. advanced drone over the Persian Gulf; a surveillance drone which had intruded into Iran’s airspace but was targeted by the “Khordad 3” air defense system of IRGC Airspace Force and being shot down.

This act by the IRGC shocked all military experts worldwide because the drone was a radar-evading one and it is considered as one of the most long-range operational flying objects. The spring of the world of politics regardless of the devastating floods was accompanied by the actions of the statesmen in the White House which in their own fancy and rudely designated IRGC a terrorist group; an action which was rapidly faced a reaction in the country, and from Majlis to the government and other bodies as well as the public in the country came to the full support of the IRGC in a way that the pyramid shape Majlis building in its first session after the Nowruz (New Year) holidays became green and all lawmakers by wearing IRGC’s green uniform attended the session. They even signed a double urgency motion and designated terrorists all U.S. active security and intelligence forces in West Asia. In those days that the IRGC faced U.S. sanctions, with the decree of the Supreme Leader Brigadier General Hossein Salami was appointed as the new commander chief of the IRGC.

But I cannot help talking about the JCPOA at the end of this article in last days of the 14th century. 1399 passed with the government’s dreams, optimism of the west-believers in Iran, and with wasting time through void hopes. The begging bowl reached the empty and contentless people whose damage had a special impact on the poor people of our country and it did not turn into getting a lesson for the western-oriented minds with colorful Iranian appearance that the West just thinks of its own interests even in the framework of immorality, and human rights is a big, big lie.


  • source : IRAN NEWS