Islamic Revolution proud of its female martyrs & veterans
Islamic Revolution proud of its female martyrs & veterans
In a message to the National Congress of17,000 Female Martyrs, Veterans, and Prisoners of War, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution named Iranian female veterans as the major honor of the Islamic Revolution.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Islamic Revolution proud of its female martyrs and veterans. Praising Iranian women’s participation in the 8-year imposed war, the Leader wrote: “The power of faith paved the way for great struggles of Iranian women and created wonderful and unique scenes of their courageous and innovative presence in difficult fields.”

“From the exhilarating demonstrations of the days of the revolution to the unforgettable period of the holy defense… and to the ongoing fight against the coronavirus,” Ayatollah Khamenei continued, “there are signs of the spiritual improvement of Iranian women, which have emerged thanks to the Islamic system and Islamic lessons and values.”

Undoubtedly, the 17,000 martyrs, veterans, and prisons of war ladies of Iran are at the most important honors of the Islamic Revolution, he added.

The national congress, titled “Army of History-Maker Angels”, is held with the aim of promoting the culture of self-sacrifice and martyrdom.

Previously, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution underlined the importance of protecting the environment and green life as dominant popular culture and urged all the officials to pay more attention to people’s livelihood.

“The destruction of the environment is a great calamity that would ruin the future of mankind, therefore, officials and all people must stand up to it,” Ayatollah Khamenei said on Friday, as he planted two fruit trees saplings to mark the National Tree Planting Day.

“Planting trees and saplings is one of the virtues that is emphasized in the holy Sharia of Islam,” the Leader said.

  • source : Mehr