Iran Urges US unconditional return to JCPOA
Iran Urges US unconditional return to JCPOA
Iranian Government spokesman Ali Rabiei on Tuesday urged the US new administration to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – Iran nuclear deal – unconditionally.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Iran insists that the US government must return to JCPOA unconditionally. Speaking during his weekly press conference, Rabiei said that the US administration should not make the way more difficult for diplomacy.

He said that the JCPOA was a turning point in the history of Iran’s peace-seeking and prudence, where the county managed to put an end to arbitrary sanctions while it preserved all the peaceful nuclear achievements, pride, dignity, and territorial integrity.

He noted that Iran has now the upper hand both morally and legally after the US withdrawal from the deal and can defend the rights of the Iranian nation with reliance on the UNSC Resolution 2231 which removed all the international sanctions against Iran.

In the light of the efforts made by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the IAEA Board of Governors decided to drop drafting an anti-Iran resolution in its recent meeting, the spokesman said.

Rabiei said that he was sure that the JCPOA will be revived in the near future as it is the only way which ensures peace in the world and benefit the interests of all the countries.

In reference to an endorsement of the JCPOA by the UNSC Resolution 2231, he said that the JCPOA is an internationally approved law and the US will have no way but to abide by the law.

“In the last four years, we kept the path of diplomacy open, not them, and today the US should take the first step in diplomacy, not us.”

  • source : IRNA