Imam Khamenei: So Why the UN?
Imam Khamenei: So Why the UN?
Expectations of the people in the world from the United Nations (UN) have not been materialized at any period.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Expectations of the people in the world from the United Nations (UN) have not been materialized at any period. In these 70-year lifespans that the UN has been run under the influence of world big powers in making decisions to meet the demands and needs of these powers, what big cruelties that have not been persecuted against the world people from Vietnam to Palestine, from Cambodia to Argentina, from Nicaragua to Myanmar, from Tanzania to Yemen and from Africa to South America.

Now that Antonio Guterres’s services as the ninth UN Secretary-General is nearing to its end and it lays the ground for electing a more effective person for the job, we should evaluate his performance and give him a mark and in my opinion with such a very weak performance under influence of the world big powers he cannot get the passing grade.

His re-nomination for the job, regarding the structure of electing the UN Secretary-General officially and directly under the supervision of the five permanent and veto-right holding members, raises a question that has remained unanswered in all periods.

With reviewing different periods, the world is witnessing this important issue that there has scarcely been any secretary-general at the UN to have performed at least 10 percent independently. It is deplorable that secretary generals of the UN have not been able to implement the goals which have been approved, written, and published by the UN and it has disappointed and frustrated the world people towards this body and it should be admitted that unfortunately the predicted goals and principles in the UN charters have also deviated or they have lost their efficiency and effects.

When we analyze the role of the UN Secretary-General, we find contents fully biased wherein American, British, and French and – to the little extent of placebo – Russian and Chinese goals are hidden. Therefore, the UN Secretary-General is actually struggling with this accusation of being busy as the brokerage of big powers and indeed he cannot have the necessary efficiency to vindicate the undoubted rights of the world people and even those who have suffered.

The weak performance of Guterres as the UN Secretary-General regarding some important international issues has been actually the shameful spot in the performance of this organization during his term. With a glance and very brief, one can mention that in this edition, some serious crisis has happened internationally that the UN ignored its role regarding them like the issue of Daesh (IS forces) which was not only the issue of deviation but also it really created a sham state between Iraq and Syria by committing rape against women, and some countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE even took some actions for recognizing that government.

The disaster was that no country tried to stop the advancement of this terrorist group and sham government and if there was, and it was the Islamic Republic of Iran which bravely fought and resisted strongly and devoted several martyrs on this path otherwise today we could face with the emergence of second Israel in the region while the UN with this secretary-general had chocked into silence. Of the other signs of the inefficiency of Guterres or any other secretary-general of the UN is that in the structure of the UN, electing the secretary-general is fully in control of the five veto power countries and wherever these countries either clandestinely or even openly deal together politically, the world sees the cruel silence of the UN and its secretary because in electing the secretary-general all of these veto powers in the UN Security Council should approve the candidate and this approval is not just limited to electing the secretary-general and for other jobs in this body, the story is the same. For example in electing the financial deputy of the UN, the French are very sensitive and they pick their favorite candidates in advance and announce who is next to run the financial department of the UN.

On social and political issues, the British pick their candidates for the jobs. In the military and critical issues, it is the U.S. that picks its official agent. So it is seen that Americans have entered Iraq and Iraq parliament has officially approved the pullout of the U.S. troops but they create different pretexts and are not ready to pull out their forces from Iraq. The U.N. Secretary-General takes no action to settle this issue. The UN is totally silent regarding the international terrorism led by the U.S., Saudi Arabia, and the Zionist regime. The assassination of martyr Haj Qasem Soleimani, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, and their comrades was snubbed by the U.N. blindness and speechlessness. It also fully ignored killing and dismembering the corpse of Saudi Arabian journalist and critic Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey.

The UN has actually violated its own convention in pushing the world towards terrorism from the assassination of nuclear scientists to the political and security assassinations. Violation of diplomatic rights, Conventions 1961 and 1963 and especially the Convention 1961, violation of human rights convention and diplomatic conventions have meant disregarding the UN by the UN itself that the Secretary-General could have played a more effective role in these regards but because of being under influence of the U.S. or other big powers, he has unfortunately left the worst performance regarding the assassination of Marty Soleimani and some other issues.

In the issue of Iran’s ballistic missiles, every country has the right to have ballistic missiles and it is considered as the defensive pillar and essentially it has nothing to do with any other country to stop other countries in this regard. But Americans did what they could against Iran as if there existed no UN Secretary-General to explain and defend the rightfulness of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Recently and on the anniversary of Mabaath, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in his speech said one of the modus operandi of enemies in the soft war is to distort the truth 180 degrees and referred to some of the obvious lies and said, “It has been six years now that the U.S.’s Arab ally has been bombarding the oppressed people of Yemen in their homes and on the streets, in hospitals and at school. The people have been besieged and their supplies of food, medicine, and oil have been cut off. And of course, this has happened with the U.S.’s go-ahead. Now the Yemenis have managed to create defensive weapons for themselves by benefiting from certain opportunities, they and even the UN raised an outcry against Yemen’s campaign of self-defense.”

The Leader also stated that “Having the largest nuclear weapons arsenal in the world and massacring over 220,000 people by A-Bomb while screaming that they are against the development of atomic weapons,” “Creating the terrorist group like the Daesh and providing them with money, facilities, modern technology and media, the ground for selling Syria’s oil by them with the claim of a fight with terrorism” are the other examples of distortion of the truth by the U.S. Administration and the UN’s deadly silence.

On the whole, it should be acknowledged that not only Guterres but also the UN nature in the current condition, before being a defender of truth, rights, and security of the countries and the world, is mostly a justifier of power and tyranny current and massacre of the innocent people in any part of the world, and as long as this issue is not resolved, the universal disaster will not be resolved, either.


  • source : IRAN NEWS