End of Bloodshed in Yemen Is Inconceivable
End of Bloodshed in Yemen Is Inconceivable
U.S. President Joe Biden in his recent interview has announced that he has no desire to support Saudi Arabia continuing war in Yemen.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – U.S. President Joe Biden in his recent interview has announced that he has no desire to support Saudi Arabia continuing war in Yemen. That how much Biden’s efforts will stay steadfast on course to return the U.S. from the savagery and lawlessness path which has been shaped during Former President Donald Trump era for earning money is an important question that perhaps all the world would wait for seeing his practical response in a time slot of three months.

The U.S. policy during the Trump era was indeed to meet the country’s interests in alignment with Saudi Arabia in Yemen. It means the U.S. did not care how long the Yemen war continued or the war had any winner. But what was important for the U.S. was to sell arms to Saudi Arabia, therefore, it disregarded the war and closed its eyes to all actions of Saudi Arabia in Yemen like violating human rights, massacring the defenseless people, and bombing houses in cities and villages, killing the poor and fed-up Yemeni event by besieging the country, and above all these crimes, dismembering the corpse of one of the media persons like Jamal Khashoggi in another country.

The political confrontation in running the country between Trump and Biden gives this glad tiding of a shift in the process of approach towards the world among the new residents of the White House which has been dragged into the media, and it can to some extent appear to be real. Biden has both announced that he wants an end to the war in Yemen and announced he regards human rights issues and attaches importance to the internal affairs of these countries. Even if Biden is honest in his words, it will be very natural that this issue has considerable impacts on the current condition of the U.S. ties of the U.S. with Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and the regional developments.

From these interviews and pieces of evidence dominating the approach of the White House, it is evident that the Biden team has a common view regarding the continuation of the war in Yemen, and they believe that since the continuation of the war in Yemen has no result and it has no real winner, and also Saudi Arabia has suffered damages in its political, social and grandeur in the region, they should step into saving the country with taking a rational strategy with the lowest damage.

The strategic solution for resolving the Yemen crisis should not lead to ignoring the U.S. economic interests with the Saudi Family and its ally, namely Saudi Arabia, and it should save Saudis from this abyss which has been grappling with it and no end to it is imagined for it. Most experts believe that end of the war between Riyadh and Sanaa will not be easily attained because it relies on some decisive and determining factors. First, the domestic affairs of Yemen after the war and the relation with the U.S. and reactionary Arab states are very important; therefore, until this condition is provided, it is actually difficult to predict the end of the war between Saudis and warring parties in Yemen. On the Yemeni side, Ansarullah welcomes any political solution but it considers cessation of bombing and removing sanctions as a gateway for entering the peace talks. Now for Ansarullah, ceasefire without removing sanctions and cessation in bombardment is not any longer the priorities for making a decision and this group explicitly repeats that they cannot enter the political talks under the bombardment and threats and they cannot make the decision under the heavy pressures of killing starving and defenseless people.

Therefore, the issue of ceasefire for Ansarullah is considered as a matter of verification for the planners of peace talks, and the issues of removing sanctions and cession in bombardment should be shaped seriously in the true sense, and it is natural that talks under the pressure of sanctions and bloodshed are a lever for a unilateral dominance and will be of no worth for Ansarullah and other Yemeni groups.

If we flashback to a couple of months ago, news reports bespeak that the Trump Administration had vowed that it would supply Saudis with strategic weapons after the restoration of diplomatic ties between the UAE and Bahrain with the Zionist regime in order that Saudis could show their superior and effective power in encountering Yemen. This idea of delivering strategic weapons to Saudis faced opposition both in the U.S. Congress and among the Republican Party as they feared lest these weapons are employed in favor of Shiite current in Saudi Arabia but with the change in the residents of the White House, it seems the Biden Administration, unlike the Trump Administration, is not so willing for arms to deal with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and it will not evaluate cooperation with him in line with the policy of restoring the law and the lost reputation of the U.S., especially the issue of the murder of Khashoggi by Bin Salman is one of the issues that it may be one of the serious differences between the U.S. Democrat Administration and the Saudi government.

That the U.S. slaps sanctions on 70 people involved in the murder but closes its eyes on Bin Salman’s crime means that since the U.S. in the COVID-19 pandemic era has faced with negative economic growth unprecedented in the past four decades in the country, and all the ruling U.S. administrations have looked at Saudi Arabia as a milking cow, Biden Administration has no way but to ignore Bin Salman’s crime because Saudis with their wealth will have no serious problem in creating pressure and purchasing people like Biden, of course, not in Trump’s level.

So I believe that end of bloodshed in Yemen will not happen easily and it will not be conceivable so soon unless Ansarullah in the military front takes seriously destroying the infrastructures of Saudis and makes the return of the U.S. companies to Saudi Arabia’s economy face serious challenges.

  • source : IRAN NEWS