“Zuljanah” a Piece of Civilization Puzzle
“Zuljanah” a Piece of Civilization Puzzle
Last week Zuljanah satellite carrier conducted its first successful test and became capable to reach a height of 500 kilometers.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Last week Zuljanah satellite carrier conducted its first successful test and became capable to reach a height of 500 kilometers. This powerful Iranian missile uses a solid-fueled motor that has been manufactured by Islamic Iran’s scientists in the Islamic Republic without the involvement of any alien.

Background of this technology and assertion, and conducting the related successful tests and its operational tests in the country dates back to ten years ago to 2011 when this technology emerged and kicked off in the country.  Today Iran has introduced itself to the world as a new player and becoming one of the top 10 countries in indigenizing the whole of this technology through launching satellite by its carrier into orbit.

History prevails that Iran, despite all political and economic sanctions and after some successful launches by Safir-1 satellite carrier, has sent into orbit its new and heavier satellite carrier but due to the technical reason and even suspicion of sabotage and aliens’ sabotage, the launch failed to perform successfully and it encouraged some rival countries and enemies to make hype regarding the past failure in order to stop Iran marching towards achieving technical and scientific progress but in April 2020, Iran successfully and surprisingly launched Nour Satellite into the orbit of 425 kilometers by the Qassed (Messenger) satellite carrier from Iran’s Central Desert and this success silenced the critics and negative propagations and pushed hose biased comments and remarks just to be made in the form of intelligence information in the bulletins of aliens’ intelligence services.

In those days, IRGC and Defense Ministry in the framework of missile and airspace technologies announced the official retirement of the “Safir” carrier and its replacement by Simorgh (Phoenix). The outcome of tests of Simorgh satellite carrier paved the technical ground for the emergence of new technology which is summarized in Zuljanah.

This new satellite carrier in its three full stages can carry ten Nour satellites, which were first sent into orbit in April 2020 by the Aerospace Force of IRGC, into the orbit with one launch. In a recent test that was only conducted with the first stage solid-fueled motor, a series of required sensors had been installed in the first stage of the carrier for doing required calculations of the performance of systems of this satellite carrier. Now some questions are raised like why the solid fuel has not been used in the third stage of this satellite carrier. The answer is that in the final stage of the satellite carrier especially in the new condition of the country that the issue of moving between the orbit and injection with more precision is considered, it is necessary the period of combustion or the very activating the system to be more and in some occasions, the propulsion system needs to become inactive and then become re-activated.

After the experimental testing of this satellite carrier, aerospace experts have noticed this point that one of the important properties of this new Iranian satellite carrier is that it can be fired from a mobile launching pad and it means that the site of its launch will not be a certain place (for example Semnan Province is one of the main areas in the country for the aerospace launches) and the launch can be conducted from any part of the country especially from the southeastern region or coasts of Makran.

The nature of having a mobile satellite carrier is that it protects a successful launch from any sabotage of enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran from the long distance. The news of starting studies for building the second national space launch base in the southeast of the country and in Chabahar Port can give the good news of ground for launching installations and base equal to the NASA in the U.S.

For doing the civilization-making path, some paths have been naturally defined by Iran for control from the space as the country believes in the Re-Appearance of the savior of humanity as a definite fact. In this framework until achieving the establishment of an appropriate space base fitting with Iran’s conditions in terms of its political, economic, geographical, and security conditions, having mobile satellite launchers can enable the country to use regions like Chabahar with the least expense and infrastructure for its aerospace launches and tests.

The strategic importance of the Chabahar region for the launch and reaching the required orbit by the Iranian Space Agency from Chabahar is almost considered as the shortest route of the mainland of Iran to the Equator which is considered geographical prerequisites of conducting such launches, and due to the position of different earth orbits, the more the space launch gets closer to the Equator, the more distance for reaching different orbits will shorten and the action of fuel injection and regenerating the motors of the launcher will happen easier and in a shorter time.

If we look carefully at the position of most aerospace bases in the world like the U.S. aerospace base in Florida, or the French aerospace base in the Caribbean Sea, it is crystal clear that the launch bases are actually located close to the Equator.

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s ten-year-old presence in this technology with the least cost due to the sanctions and economic condition of the country is the sign of the strong determination of the Islamic Republic of Iran for creating necessary infrastructures for materializing the great Islamic Civilization, and officials in this field despite all hardships and restrictions have taken advantage of the opportunities at best. This shows we look at tomorrow with closed eyes and are not ready to sit passively and wait to let others do us a favor.

Therefore, the Zuljanah satellite carrier itself is assessed as a piece of the civilization-making puzzle and using super technologies on course to have access to the destination of the Re-Appearance in the Islamic civilization; and one day the very piece along with other pieces will bring for the humanity the rings comprised of durability and promotion of pure behavioral culture in the thought of the second step of the Islamic Revolution.

  • source : IRAN NEWS