We Should Make Helicopter
We Should Make Helicopter
Today having a helicopter, whose name has been changed into a Persian name, means the possibility for rapid transportation in short distances.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Today having a helicopter, whose name has been changed into a Persian name, means the possibility for rapid transportation in short distances. In this very Tehran or some towns and capitals of the provinces, we see buildings where that they have predicted some places “helipad” on their roofs for the landing of helicopters and this means urban transportation with air taxi is a necessity for the populous cities.

The chopper is employed in those activities that need pace in transportation or in passing from the traffic and above all in the relocation of facilities out of the urban areas, and this is just some part of understandable necessity in the industrial management. When you can make cars, you are easily able to make various kinds of choppers with various applications.

Fortunately recently in the news, it has been reported that the CEO of the Iran Aviation Industries Organization of Defense Ministry Mr. Amir Khajehfard has said, “Manufacture of a chopper named Saba is in the design and manufacture stage.” He has said Saba is a powerful chopper that can meet the needs of the country and also the Islamic and friendly countries in the best way. Khajehfard added that the manufacture of Saba is in line with supporting the domestic production, national authority and move on course to materialize resistance economy, and reiterated implementation of this project will lay the ground for activating the wheel of industry, creating incentive among producers and craftsmen in the chain of provision and improving the condition of occupation.

Khajehfard by pointing to the history of PANHA Company (acronym of Iran Helicopter Support and Renewal Company) in the country says, “The background and history of PANHA date back to 50 years ago and ever since the company has done great and important valuable services in different fields. Iran is the biggest fleet in the region and ranks third in the world after the U.S. and Russia in terms of its military helicopter fleet and PANHA despite all restrictions and sanctions has been able to support and supply equipment and renew this broad and diverse fleet.

Speaking in a meeting on the synergy for adopting important decisions for entering the mass production of Saba choppers he explained, “Today we have gathered here to organize utilization of an indigenous chopper in a different organization which has passed successfully different stages of tests in order to meet the needs of the country in the helicopter field. All of us are fully aware that we have roles in forming the future of production, development, and using a domestic production; all of us talk about production but if we have no products in any industry, we cannot attain development and sustainable progress. Production of air equipment and using it is an issue that always exists and after the production, both support and after-production services are very important and considerable.”

He added, “Legal support and earmarking budget for developing helicopter industries is very vital and through cooperation and support and, of course, expansion of cooperation, one can bring together some knowledge-based companies, and develop the production of the helicopter and required equipment, and this issue needs government and Majlis support.”

Khajehfard also pointed to the broadness of land as well as geography and climate of the country and said that he believes helicopter is one of the essential needs of Red Crescent and Relief and Rescue organizations of the country that by operationalizing the project of national helicopter Saba production, a major part of the national need of the country will be met.

He believes research is a prerequisite of sustainable development and emphasizes that there is the capability of making chopper in the country and with the support of the related organizations, they can meet the needs of the company in this regard. He adds, ”We should expand the manufacture of relief and rescue helicopters in the country and Saba is a powerful chopper that meets the demands of the country as well as the Islamic and friendly countries.

The ceremony for signing the covenant of the Strategic Council for Producing National Helicopter Saba 248 production line was held at PANHA Company in presence of Khajehfard, Head of Center for Progress and Development of Iran Mr. Sirous Vatankhah, Head of Majlis Energy Commission Ferydoon Abbasi-Davani, Head of Helicopter Emergency Service Mohammad Sarvar, Vice President for Flight Standards at Civil Aviation Organization Mr. Arash Khodaei, Secretary of Headquarters for Developing  Space Technologies and Advanced Transportation Mr. Manouchehr Manteghi, Managing Director of PANHA Captain Mojtaba Rouhani and some of the officials. This event gives the public the good news that the brave veterans of the country are thinking of the high horizons that Islamic Iran could never be dependent on the help of others in providing its strategic needs.

Necessities of sustainable development in any country need independent-seeking thoughts, minds, and ambition, and the most valuable blessing that the Islamic Revolution has presented to the Iranian people is this very self-esteem.

  • source : IRAN NEWS