U.S. Collapse With Biden to Be Accelerated
U.S. Collapse With Biden to Be Accelerated
After the collapse and dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and Boris Yeltsin and later Mikhail Gorbachev’s taking power, all predictions shifted towards the collapse of the hollow superpower U.S.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – After the collapse and dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and Boris Yeltsin and later Mikhail Gorbachev’s taking power, all predictions shifted towards the collapse of the hollow superpower U.S.
Good old days when Muslim French Professor Roger Garaudy wrote a book titled “The U.S. at the Forefront of Degeneration” and in the book, he reviewed the U.S. domestic and international situation and called the U.S. as the leader of degeneration in the world. Or some 20 years ago, the American Jewish professor Emmanuel Todd wrote a book titled “The Eagle Empire Has Fallen” where he went through the angles of the U.S. degeneration and emphasized that although the fall has already begun but still time for it to fall on the ground. Or some 12 years ago, Fareed Zakaria, a famous Indian-American journalist, political commentator, and author, and one of the renown ideologists of American think tanks and also and one of the students of Samuel Huntington and published a book titled “The Post-American World” where he predicted a world where several countries and cultures play their roles and there is no news about the U.S. in view of the new world order theory and finally six years ago, the American political scientist and Harvard University Professor Joseph S. Nye wrote the book “Is the American Century Over?” where he predicted the end of the U.S. hegemony.
However, none of these intellectuals and ideologists had predicted the trend of the collapse of this empire which has astonishingly been accelerated today. In an article, I was reading which rightfully had been written very rationally that one should notice that the collapse of a phenomenon is different from degeneration and breakup. Collapse unlike degeneration and breakup, which has exterior form and is visible, begins from inside and it is not so visible unless it is heightened and reaches its final stages.
In this regards, it is simple if it is thought that with the departure of Donald Trump and change of administrations, the emotions and tensions from the heartstrings of 80-million people camp, who voted for Trump in the 2020 presidential election, would ebb away; the heartstrings which were violent and will erode the U.S. from inside and it even may happen quietly.
This shows that one cannot imagine an end to Trumpism which enjoys certain behaviors, philosophy, school of thought, populism, and lumpenism. The occupation of the U.S. Congress, known as the Capitol, which was unprecedented in U.S. history was just a beginning. This incident, which is one of the simplest and primary signs in the crystalized political methodology in the Trump era in the U.S., should be considered as a starting point for accelerating the growing trend of extremism followed by violence and, consequently, the gradual collapse and from inside.
Of course, it should be stipulated that “gradual” does not mean 20 years because today the U.S. is on the collapsing road in terms of behavior, ethics, economy, culture inversion of democracy and power hegemony, etc., and it is going to feel the bottom of the abyss.
Just a couple of days ago in my article, I wrote that the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in a report revealed that China has outpaced the U.S. in attracting foreign direct investment. So one should not limit the issue of collapse and decline of the U.S. only to the performance or departure of Trump and the arrival of Joe Biden because the main issue is something above these words. The U.S. has reached an era that the number of national guards for securing the inauguration ceremony of President Biden has unprecedently been more than the U.S. forces deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The U.S. has actually turned into a military barracks.
This country once through propagation was considered as the cradle of the 20th century and a symbol of democracy with the affix of “liberalism.” Emergence and intervention of militarism and police between the two poles of people in the U.S. is a serious alarm and warning for a country that has the claim of hegemony in the world and considers itself as an undisputable power in the world, and the destructive power of its nuclear arsenals is two times of the Planet Earth. The country which carries the burden of 30 percent of the world economy and is the heart of liberal democracy and capitalism, and is considered as the utopia for the disillusioned and West or East oriented people, is now placed in a decadent and inflamed condition and is forced to deploy troops in the streets to secure the inauguration ceremony for the newly-elected president, and all of the country’s military, intelligence and security forces are kept on alert.
It is simplistic to think that the tension in the U.S. would come to an end. The 99 Percent Movement against one percent has shown itself in the votes of 80 million people for Trump. Trump was not elected four years ago in a condition that the U.S. is facing today. But Biden today has been elected in a condition that 80 million people dream of his killing and are ready to burn the U.S. flag in the Capitol and reflect their hatred towards the current U.S. in the camera.
Even if Trump fails to form the “Partisan Party”, the potential for the decline of the two major political parties is the beginning of the collapse of the political power inside the U.S., and maybe in one or two years, this turns into underground struggles and in the very first term of Biden, it will lead the U.S. to chaos and anarchy because almost 50 percent of the American voters believe the current administration is a usurp and illegal administration and they will resort to any means even like damaging the Congress for toppling the Biden Administration.

  • source : IRAN NEWS