Rouhani: Officials ready to pioneer in vaccination to promote public trust
Rouhani: Officials ready to pioneer in vaccination to promote public trust
President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that all officials are ready to vaccinate as pioneers to build public trust in vaccination.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – “People should be assured that if a vaccine is imported to the country, all officials trust it,” President Rouhani said at a ceremony held this morning in Tehran to begin vaccination against COVID-19 with a Russian-developed vaccine – Sputnik V.

Son of Minister of Health and Medical Education was the first Iranian to receive the vaccine.

Iran took delivery of the first batch of Russian COVID-19 vaccine “Sputnik V” on February 4.

Last day, speaking on the sidelines of the inaugural ceremony of rural and nomadic investment projects and also national projects of the Ministry of Labor, Cooperatives and Social Welfare on Tue., Rouhani reiterated that vaccination will start in the country tomorrow which is an auspicious and blessed day.

He wished a prosperous year for Iranians in the next year (to start March 21, 2021) in the field of confronting and battling the COVID-19 disease.

Despite tough and oppressive sanctions imposed against the country, giant steps were taken in the country in the fight against coronavirus, COVID-19, and all malicious objectives orchestrated by enemies against the country were doomed to fail completely, President Rouahni added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Rouhani congratulated the Ten-Day Dawn ceremonies, marking the glorious victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, and added, “Inauguration of 142,000 development projects mean that giant and eye-catching developments have been taken at villages of the country.”

According to Rouhani, the medical staff is the first group who will receive the vaccination, and then the turn will come for the elderly and those with specific diseases.

Referring to the 80-million population of Iran, Rouhani said that the vaccination procedure will take one to eight months.

Iran will receive the next consignments later in February and also in March, he informed. In late Spring, Iran will have its domestically produced vaccine, Rouhani said.

The President estimated that considering all the above, Iran will be dealing with vaccinations within the next year. He also called for the nation to preserve the health protocols as seriously as possible in the long run.

Russia delivered the first batch of its Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine to Iran on Thursday afternoon. Iranian Health Minister said that the Islamic Republic will receive 4.2 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine through the COVAX program from February.

  • source : IRNA