Rouhani, No clause of JCPOA to change, no one to be added to it
Rouhani, No clause of JCPOA to change, no one to be added to it
Defending the year 1400 budget bill, the Iranian president reiterated that it is the right of the Islamic Consultative Assembly to approve or reject the budget bill.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Defending the year 1400 budget bill, the Iranian president reiterated that it is the right of the Islamic Consultative Assembly to approve or reject the budget bill, but in connection with this budget, there were interviews and defamation for two months, which we did not expect”.

President Hassan Rouhani said in a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, “Our effort over the past year has been to achieve two goals at the end of this government, the first of which is to overcome the main problems of coronavirus and the other to overcome the problems of oppressive sanctions”.

The President mentioned the increase in the value of the national currency as one of the goals of the budget bill and said, “In the budget, when we signal that the currency is set at 11,500 tomans, everyone understands that we predicted much more foreign exchange earnings for next year than this year”.

“When we say in the budget that the sale of oil should be 2 million and 300 thousand barrels, everyone in the world receives this message and everyone understands what it means. We gave important messages in the budget, and unfortunately, some did not pay attention to these important messages,” continued President Rouhani.

We wanted people to have a better future, Dr. Rouhani said, adding, “Of course, my worries were more than this, and what I was afraid of happened. I was afraid that the IRIB would constantly promote the resolutions of the Integration Committee and ruin the market and the economy and that at the end, the resolution would not be approved, which finally happened”.

Dr. Rouhani emphasized, “In my opinion, what the Integration Committee had prepared was not in line with reality, was not in line with people’s livelihood, and was not in line with breaking sanctions”.

“The rejection of Integration Committee’s resolution was Majlis’ right. If the resolution came to the government, it would be rejected here as well, with the difference that it would be rejected by a higher vote than the parliament,” he continued.

Stating that Trump’s madness and lawlessness cannot be denied, Dr. Rouhani said, “The imposed economic war cannot be denied, and I think denying the enemy is to the detriment of the country. I’m surprised that some people see the problems and know that a large part of the problems is because of sanctions, but they do not say a word against the United States”.

“COVID-19 was another problem for us, but it was also an opportunity for us,” he said, adding, “A lot of people are working today to make vaccines, medicine, and equipment”.

“I tell the honorable people of Iran that if anyone in today’s world thinks that economic progress is possible without a digital economy, they are wrong. If the economy progresses, the digital sector and the national information network must progress,” he said.

In another part of his speech, Dr. Rouhani said, “I explicitly tell the international community and especially the countries that were parties to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), now P4+1 or maybe in the future P5+1, that no clause of the deal will change. No one will be added to it. We are either P4+1 or P5+1, and it will not become P5+2 or P5+3”.

“We did something that was the result of a lot of effort,” the president said, adding, “We had negotiated for 10 years; an attempt was made but to no avail. At the beginning of the 11th government, about two years of hard work and activity, all this effort was made to reach an agreement. This agreement is not something that is simply reached. This is an agreement; they want everyone to involve everyone in the deal”.

Dr. Rouhani said, “We are doing our job, but our feeling is that the world’s public opinion, world politicians, and even many politicians in the United States believe that the JCPOA can be useful for global security and peace, and interaction in the global community”.

The President also addressed the United States and added, “You have violated Resolution 2231. Return to the resolution, to the law, to the international rules. Of course, if you come back, we will fulfill our obligations in full. We did not violate the resolution to amend it. We did not leave the deal to return. There were 7 chairs, we 6 sat, one of them got a periodic madness and got up and went out. Now they have found some wisdom and the periodic madness is over, they want to go back to the table, what do they want from others”?

Dr. Rouhani stated, “If we see any goodwill, the answer will be goodwill. If we see any action, the answer will be action. If the commitment is completely fulfilled, it will be a full commitment on our part”.

In another part of his speech, he said, “God made logic and word victorious over the sword, and Imam Khomeini (RA) was victorious over the sword and military power with logic and word and this was his great work”.

He continued, “We are proud of Iran, the Iranian nation, the culture of Islam, the Islamic Revolution and our Imam who was able to mark the great movement of the Islamic Revolution in history”.

  • source : ISNA