Rouhani urges stricter COVID-19 border protocols
Rouhani urges stricter COVID-19 border protocols
President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday called for strict COVID-19 border protocols to ensure passengers coming to Iran carry no variants of coronavirus.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – President Rouhani made the remarks at a national anti-coronavirus Task Force meeting in Tehran. All border entries should be protected by strict protocols in order to not let new virus be imported to the country, the president underlined.

Everyone who enters the country should be treated based on national law and restrictions, he said, adding that they should follow health protocols whether it is quarantine or test.

Since its outbreak in December 2019 worldwide, the coronavirus pandemic has killed near 2,400,000.

The number of deaths caused by the corona pandemic in Iran has passed 58,000.

Speaking at a ceremony held Thursday to inaugurate several Health Ministry national projects, Rouhani referred to the US moves against Iran under Trump and said, “We have seen no goodwill from the new US administration. The rhetoric has changed but there has been no change in practice.”

If the new administration in Washington is sincere in its slogans, it should immediately begin a new path and make up for the problems, the president added.

Rouhani underlined that no one in the world has any doubts that the economic war on Iran and the policy of exerting pressure on the Iranian nation have failed, urging Washington to reverse its approach toward the Islamic Republic.

Last month, Rouhani said Iran would welcome the next US administration’s possible decision to abide by the law and honor Washington’s commitments.

He said in that case Tehran would also fulfill all of its commitments.

“If (Joe) Biden says the US intends to take the path to law and honor its commitments, our response will be clear and straightforward,” Rouhani said at the time, adding that Iran will honor its JCPOA commitments in full if the US fulfills all of its undertakings.

However, he stated, Tehran will never give in to pressures if Washington refuses to carry out its commitments.

The US will not be doing a favor even if it returns to its commitments, because that will be still an admission that it had been violating the law and has regretted lawbreaking, the Iranian president said.

The Iranian administration has repeatedly urged the new US administration to learn lessons from the futility of sanctions against the Iranian nation, abide by the law, and resume honoring its commitments.

  • source : IRNA