Italian envoy says Embassy advances cultural programs in Iran
Italian envoy says Embassy advances cultural programs in Iran
Italian Ambassador to Iran Giuseppe Perrone said on Monday that Italian Embassy advances cultural programs in Iran to deal with the humanitarian plight caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Ambassador Perrone said that he has been interested in developing cultural activities and interactions and has supported joint projects between Iranian and Italian artists.

He believes that cultural diplomacy is important in developing countries since it paved the way for creating a better understanding of other opinions.

Elaborating on cultural activities of the Italian Embassy in Iran amid the COVID-19 pandemic, he said: The pandemic didn’t stop our programs. We tried to adapt to the new situation and make sure that our programs could continue because they are such an important and defining part of our activity as Italian Embassy in Iran. We have a great connection with Iranians and our ties with Iran have historical depth.”

“We felt it was our responsibility and duty to continue our cultural cooperation in all areas. When Covid-19 first arrived, it was very difficult for everyone. But we adapted our format of operation. For example, in our gatherings, people are always socially distanced. Hence, we produced videos and documentaries and started other projects that can be viewed and delivered online,” he added.

“Our cinema week (Spotlight on Italian Cinema) after being inaugurated in presence was later held online. We also continued the production of two of our documentary series on architecture and theater respectively (“Domus Eyes on Iran” and “8 1/2 Theatre Clips. How Covid-19 Pandemic Has Changed our Life’s”). They are all based on the above-mentioned concept, that is producing videos everybody can enjoy watching, and by so doing feel the deep connection existing between the two countries,” he noted.

Regarding the embassy’s initiatives for the next Iranian year, he said: “We are already working on a number of new initiatives. Some of them are similar in format and concept to the ones I mentioned but cover different sectors. One of them, which is extremely important in my view, is in the area of figurative arts and is intended to showcase the history of cultural and artistic relations between Italy and Iran through the life and work of prominent Italian and Iranian artists. We are working also on a program featuring Italy’s contribution to Iran’s industrial development. A number of additional initiatives we are currently planning include cinema, music, literature, and archeology.”

“We will hopefully resume our project on urban art (“Urban Art Unites”) which was put on hold because of the pandemic since it was difficult to have artists from both countries work together in such an environment,” Perrone said.

“We are also participating in the Fajr Music Festival (Feb 16th to 21st) which is going to be inaugurated in the next few days. Two Italian prominent musicians are coming to Iran and will hold a musical exhibition at Vahdat Hall as well as perform an exclusive concert in the Italian Residence,” he stated.

Commenting on the reduction of EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture) cultural activities in Iran, an Italian diplomat said: “The pandemic has certainly had an impact, but many programs have switched to online platforms. We participated in the European film festival in November last year, which was entirely held online. We are now discussing ways to hold musical and other joint cultural activities this year, which for the time being have to be planned online.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, he pointed to developments in the world after the US presidential election, saying: “I hope so. I hope that finally, a more favorable and conducive time comes not just for Iran and its people, who most definitely would deserve that, but also for all countries like my own,  who have a historic friendship with Iran and want to pursue ever stronger relations.”

  • source : IRNA