Hapless Europe Perforce to Scape Forward
Hapless Europe Perforce to Scape Forward
France, UK, and Germany on Friday in a joint statement accused Iran of breaching its 2015 nuclear deal agreement (JCPOA) commitments and undermining the diplomacy.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – France, UK, and Germany (Europe) on Friday in a joint statement accused Iran of breaching its 2015 nuclear deal agreement (JCPOA) commitments and undermining the diplomacy. This statement is so funny that makes one worry about dying of laughter.

Of course, this has happened in the past that European countries have resorted to practical pretext-seeking actions and cheating in the negotiations but that these three countries without implementing or taking any step after Iran’s fulfilling its JCPOA duties, which caused the Iranian government and the negotiating team to be branded inside the country as being mercenary and lackey of enemies because of shutting down major parts of the nuclear industry and filling the Arak heavy water reactor with cement, have issued a funny statement where they have accused Iran of undermining the diplomacy, is undoubtedly like the script of a puppet-show.

This statement has got so bad and coming from imbecile minds that even Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif who himself is a JCPOA culprit reacted in a tweet to the joint EU3 statement for accusing Iran of breaching its JCPOA commitments and undermining the diplomacy and wrote, “Have our E3 partners ever read para 36 of JCPOA & Iran’s many letters on that basis? By what logic is the onus on IRAN to stop its remedial measures undertaken a full year after the US withdrew from—and continues to violate—the JCPOA? What have E3 done to fulfill their duties?”

With a simple and honest glance at expert opinions of three famous political analysts and experts of the time who used to describe the Europeans as a “dread” even before the U.S. presidential election was held, and claimed in views of Europeans, the nuclear deal with Iran has turned into a magnifier that Europeans can see clearly their lack of economic sovereignty against the U.S. They state that the rift between Europe and the U.S. will remain with the re-election of Donald Trump.

The 35-page article of these authors at that time turned into the change in the position of the U.S. and current Europe. In this article which was compiled by David Jalilvand and Achim Vogt and edited by Sigmar Gabriel, the writers by taking for granted the victory of Joe Biden in the November 2020 election reviewed and analyzed the future of relations between Europe, the U.S., and Iran regarding the JCPOA. This article was published in October 2020.

In the introduction of this article even by taking conservative measures by these writers, we read, “Joe Biden has vowed in case of winning the election, he would return the United States to the deal, provided that for its part Iran is in full compliance to the JCPOA. Biden, while vice president under Barack Obama, had an important role in the nuclear deal with Iran.”  According to the authors of this article, following the return of the U.S. to the JCPOA, Iran will seek the removal of sanctions and payment for the economic damages because of the U.S. pullout of the deal while Europe believes the JCPOA can simply be valid through joint cooperation between Europe and the U.S.

The authors believe that Europe should mend its relation with the U.S. immediately and instead of saving the JCPOA, it should help the U.S. at any cost to begin talks with Iran. They believe Iran and the U.S. should move to reduce tension step by step and leave the complicated issues for the later stages.

The writers believe that two issues of Trump’s gradual pullout of the U.S. from the Middle East and from the JCPOA have caused a power vacuum in the region and it is misused by powers like Russia. In the meantime, European signatories of the JCPOA have strived to save it from full collapse. They also claim that European Union because of the U.S. has been unable to help Iran economically or have trade cooperation with it.

Now with the issuance of this statement, it is observed that Europe has occupied the seat of Trump and now Biden plays the role of Europe. One should see that in which part of the history Europe has been so funny, irrational, rude and cheater. According to the political analysts in Iran, the JCPOA is moving in direction of its death and burial unless Europeans and Americans have reached this conclusion to return to the diplomatic logic and to compensate their shortcomings and to resume its delayed actions and pay damages to Iran, and continue the genuine measures of verification that the Supreme Leader of Iran has defined it as a protocol for the country in order that perhaps a semi-live is blown into the body of this dying patient (JCPOA) and its revival in a repentance climate of the West regarding its deceiving and cheating performance.

  • source : IRAN NEWS