Enemies seeking a defenseless Iran
Enemies seeking a defenseless Iran
The Iranian Defense Minister said enemies of the country wish to see Iran without defense capabilities.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Speaking in a meeting on Monday, Brigadier General Amir Hatami said that today, Iran has achieved defense independence and military deterrence, which is the basis for economic independence.

Active defense deterrence is Iran’s defense doctrine, and wherever a threat is posed to the country, the armed forces will destroy its roots, the Iranian Defense Minister said.

The security of the region should not be provided by foreigners from the other side of the world, but by the countries of the region, he added.

The enemy wants an Iran without weapons and defense capabilities so as to threaten its interests, he said, adding that, “This will not happen and we will always seek to strengthen the defense capabilities of the country and this issue has nothing to do with anyone.”

Security is necessary like oxygen and the Armed forces, with all their might, provide it for their Islamic homeland.

Before the Victory of the Islamic Revolution (1979), 30 defense products were produced in the country, which was dependent on foreign countries and could not be upgraded and optimized, he also referred, adding that, however, today, thanks to the Islamic Revolution and the efforts of Iranian scientists, this number has increased to 800 products.

  • source : Mehr