Sarv Oil and Gas Company, Catalysts production
Sarv Oil and Gas Company, Catalysts production
A contract for the design and manufacture of consumer catalysts for ammonia units was signed between Sarv Oil and Gas Company and Hengam Petrochemical Company.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Amir Hooman Karimi Vasegh, CEO of Sarv Oil and Gas Company. On the sidelines of the second specialized event to support domestic manufacturing in the petrochemical industry, a contract for the design and manufacture of consumer catalysts for ammonia units was signed between Sarv Oil and Gas Company and Hengam Petrochemical Company. In the production chain of urea and ammonia products, eight catalysts are used, of which seven catalysts have been localized by Sarv Oil and Gas Company and have brought high currency savings for the country. Abdolreza Javanmardi, CEO of Petrochemical Company, said in an exclusive interview with IRAN NEWS regarding the contract for the purchase of catalysts from Sarv Oil and Gas Company: «This contract worth one million Euros was concluded with Sarv Company.» Cypress oil and gas catalysts have very good references and the catalysts produced in this complex are used in the petrochemical and refining industry and have a very good performance. He continued: «Hengam Petrochemical, with its research, made sure that the quality of the catalysts produced by this company is not much different from its foreign samples, and even its price is much more appropriate than foreign brands.»

Amir Hooman Karimi Vasegh, CEO of Sarv Oil and Gas Company, while expressing satisfaction with the conclusion of the contract for the purchase of catalyst by Hengam Petrochemical Company, said: Hengam Petrochemical and its management have made a big and courageous decision by purchasing ammonia group catalyst from Sarv Company. Each petrochemical unit is subordinated to the plant designer at the time of commissioning, whose priority is to purchase foreign catalysts. But today, due to the conditions of sanctions, petrochemical units are trusting domestic companies and supporting localization. Karimi pointed out: Sarv Oil and Gas, with the support and trust of its customers in the country in the petrochemical, refining, and steel industries, has a very good position in the production of catalysts and this regard, has a significant resume. Therefore, Hengam Petrochemical Complex has made this decision with the trust that other customers had in our product and according to the contract, all catalysts of Hengam Ammonia and Urea Petrochemical Unit are to be supplied by Sarv Oil and Gas Company. This shows that to achieve sustainable development and guarantee the commitments of Sarv Company, it has made high arrangements in supplying raw materials and also increasing the production capacity of catalysts so that a new factory with an annual production capacity of more than 5,000 tons of catalysts used in Petrochemical, refining, and steel industries are under construction.


Apadana Petrochemical replaces Cervo catalysts with European licenses / Production of the full cycle of Apadana catalysts by Cedar Oil and Gas

Apadana Persian Gulf Petrochemical Company has signed a memorandum of understanding with Sarv Oil and Gas Company to purchase methanol catalysts to trust domestic manufacturing in the petrochemical industry. Persian Gulf Apadana Petrochemical, which is one of the subsidiaries of the Persian Gulf Petrochemical Company, has been operating in Assaluyeh, Bushehr province, since 1993, to produce 1,650,000 tons of methanol per year. Mehrdad Masoudi, Project Manager of Apadana Petrochemical Petrochemical Company in the Persian Gulf, regarding Pidak Company›s support for localization in the petrochemical industry, said: Pidak Company is a contractor for designing, engineering, and purchasing equipment for petrochemical and refining plants in the country. He has stated about domestic and domestic companies and has supported many domestic companies in this regard. Regarding the memorandum signed with Sarv Oil and Gas Company, Apadana Petrochemical Methanol Project Manager said: «This contract is also in line with the mission of supporting domestic manufacturing and it can be said that the conditions of sanctions have also been effective in supporting domestic industry.» He added: «Catalyst is one of the equipment that senior managers of companies prefer to use foreign brands because it is very decisive and effective in the quality of petrochemical products.» For this reason, petrochemical executives did not take the risk of outsourcing the catalyst, which is a high-tech and strategic industry, to domestic companies. He pointed out that petrochemical units prefer to procure catalytic converters from companies that have a high reference, emphasized: Apadana Petrochemical, with its research, concluded that Sarv Oil and Gas Company with its studies, has been able to catalysts with It has produced high-quality references, which are evidenced by the satisfaction of other customers of this company. Masoudi stated: Apadana Petrochemical also signed a memorandum of understanding with Sarv Oil and Gas Company in this regard and support of domestic production so that it can provide various catalysts for the methanol plant of this petrochemical project. Agreed catalysts include 6 hydrogenation catalysts, preforming catalysts, primary reforming catalysts, autothermal reforming catalysts, desulfurization, and strategic methanol synthesis catalysts. We hope that this memorandum will be a source of good for Apadana Petrochemical and the entire petrochemical industry in the country.


The quality and completion of catalyst engineering services is the commitment of Sarv Oil and Gas Company to industrial complexes!

Amir Hooman Karimi Vasegh, CEO of Sarv Oil and Gas Company, regarding the memorandum signed with Apadana Petrochemical Company to buy a catalyst from this company, told Eqtesadonline: «The memorandum with Apadana Petrochemical Company is like the previous contracts of this company.» Methanol petrochemicals in the production chain need 7 catalysts, of which cedar oil and gas have produced the entire production chain, but urea and ammonia petrochemicals need 9 catalysts, of which Cypress has produced 8 catalysts. He stated: Memorandum of Understanding with Apadana Petrochemical Company of the Persian Gulf has been used with the credibility and trust of all catalysts in Shiraz Petrochemical, Masjed Soleiman Petrochemical, Arian Methanol Petrochemical, Tabarbaz Refinery, Isfahan Refinery, etc. and its performance is accepted. Taken, signed. Karimi stressed: «One of the great things that Apadana Petrochemical and Hengam Petrochemical companies have done is to buy the entire catalyst production cycle from cypress oil and gas.»The other difference between Hengam and Apadana petrochemicals is that they were licensed by the two Europeans and, despite using the best European brands, they trusted the catalysts produced in Sarv oil and gas, and this It is a great measure by the management of these companies and we hope that it will be a source of good for the country and the petrochemical industry and that Zayn will have a stronger trust in the Iranian manufacturer and catalyst of Iranian instruments. By completing the production of process catalysts, Sarv Oil and Gas has been placed next to a few powerful European companies such as Johnson Matthey, Clarinet, and Tapsoi, which has created a high capacity to participate in international markets and export Iranian technology.

Sarv Oil and Gas Company

SARV Oil and Gas Company
the pioneer in catalyst production for Iranian industries

catalyst is one of the most widely used chemicals in the industry. There are currently used about 100 types of catalysts in petrochemicals, refineries, and steel producing complexes. Regarding the vast oil and gas resources, Iran started to develop the related industries and play an important role in the methanol, ammonia, and steel market in the world. Therefore, a significant amount of catalysts is consumed by Iranian industries every year. According to the IHS report, Iran produces 8 million tons of methanol in  Zagros, Fanavaran, Kharg, Shiraz, Marjan, middle East KimiaPars Petrochemical companies. This production capacity will reach 25 million tons in 5 years when Sabalan, Bushehr, Kaveh, Dena, Siraf, Apadana, Aryan dipolymer, Arman, ArgShimiParsa petrochemical companies, start to operate. Iran will have the highest growth rate in methanol production in the world within the next five years. Also the ammonia and urea production capacity will increase from 4.5 million tons to 8 million tons annually in this period of time. Besides, Iran produces 30 million tons of sponge iron by direct reduction of iron (DRI) process in more than twenty huge companies which makes Iran be a one-tenth of steel producers in the world. So, the catalyst demand outlook in Iran is very attractive. Until a decade ago, all catalysts demand in Iran were supplied by reputable European companies such as BASF, UOP, Clariant, Johnson Matthey, Topsoe, and Axens, but everything changed when Sarv Oil and Gas Company entered into the field of catalyst production. After our company entered into this field, the catalyst industry began to take shape in Iran, and since 2004 more than 40 types of high-consumption catalysts have been produced by Iranian knowledge-based companies according to the public relations department of Sarv Oil and Gas Company.

Sarv Oil and Gas Company is an expert in the field of synthesis gas catalyst which is already used in ammonia and methanol plant in the petrochemical industry, Hydrogen production plant in refineries, and DRI plant in steel-producing complexes. The whole catalyst in ammonia and methanol production loop, including 12 different types of catalysts, are now producing in SARV and the Iranian well-known companies trust completely these products. Besides these activities, SARV starts to produce some high-tech catalysts for the olefin production complex in Iran.SARV experts are trying to produce the well quality catalyst for the mentioned industrial plant and always try to move forward to be a pioneer in the catalyst market. The catalysts manufactured by Sarv, have been utilized in 9 petrochemical industries, six refineries, and 11 steel-producing plants in Iran. Our catalyst performance was good enough to be acknowledged and certified by Iranian well-known companies such as Pardis PC, Razi PC, Shiraz PC, Shiraz ORC, Mobarakeh, and Khouzestan steel complexes. It is worth mentioning that SARV did some efforts the develop some new types of catalysts for each plant to maximize the activity and productivity and to minimize the pressure drop and energy consumption. Also, SARV develops some sales and after-sales, and engineering services that attract customers and help SARV to become the pioneer in the field of catalyst in the Iran market. In 2021 some Iranian newly constructed plants, such as Masjed Soleiman PC, diPolymer Aryan, and a hydrogen plant in Esfahan oil refining, will start to operate totally with the SARV catalysts. Also, we have started to develop our market for overseas science 2 years ago and we will announce our successful experience in 2021.


  • source : IRAN NEWS