Additional Protocol is the Revolutionary Address
Additional Protocol is the Revolutionary Address
In the past two weeks that the White House is tottering in an innate confusion for making decisions regarding rejoin to the JCPOA and accepting the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution’s demand.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – In the past two weeks that the White House is tottering in an innate confusion for making decisions regarding rejoin to the JCPOA and accepting the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution’s demand, both Iran President and the Foreign Ministry Spokesman has announced the firm decisions of the establishment regarding Iran’s quitting the additional protocol of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which the country has voluntarily joined it, and they stated that the framework of safeguard will be the base of ties between Iran and the IAEA. The deadline for implementing this decision was yesterday (February 21) and as the result, the Islamic Republic of Iran announces its pullout from the additional protocol as of today.

Iran Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh last week and during his press conference and on the set February 21 deadline by Majlis stated, “Minor technical issues should be asked from the spokesman of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) but if the other signatories of the JCPOA do not implement their obligations by February 21, the government will be obliged to stop voluntary implementation of the additional protocol of the IAEA.” He also reminded, “This move does not mean stopping the safeguard monitoring and it does not mean the cessation of all monitoring. Indeed, Iran is a member of the safeguard and NPT but the additional protocol which had been voluntarily accepted will be ceased.”

This issue from the view of the Islamic Republic of Iran of course is very crystal clear that all actions are reversible and the condition for its reversibility will be that all signatories of the agreement should be committed to their obligations. So this issue that Iran’s stance regarding its peaceful nuclear activities has remained unchanged should be emphatically repeated in order that the P5+1 signatories cannot muddy the ground for the IAEA. Recently, Iran Deputy Foreign Minister Syed Abbas Araqchi in an interview officially announced, “The JCPOA without lifting sanctions will be of no value.”

By the way, the foreign ministry spokesman regarding the recent remarks of the Minister of Intelligence, stated: “Iran’s position has not changed and is committed to the peaceful nature of all nuclear activities, and this position has not changed, and the Supreme Leader’s fatwa on the nuclear weapons as a forbidden act remains in place.” On the transparency of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s activities as well as Iran’s recent letter to the IAEA regarding the confidentiality of information, Khatibzadeh said: “This letter is not our first but I hope it would be the last one. We had the utmost cooperation. The information has been leaked several times in the past. The agency is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of documents. These documents are essentially confidential otherwise Iran’s activities are clear. We are sorry for some serious negligence in the information provided to the agency in the past. This letter has just been a reminder of the IAEA’s responsibilities.”

Recently the Supreme Leader in his two speeches has emphasized regarding the JCPOA that (once in a videoconference with the people of Tabriz) “Regarding the JCPOA, we have repeatedly announced the policies of the Islamic Revolution. Today, I only wish to say this: We have heard many nice words and promises, but in practice, they have not been honored and on the contrary, they have acted against those promises. It is no use talking. It is no use giving promises. This time, only actions matter! If we see actions on the part of the other side, we will take action too. This time, the Islamic Republic will not be satisfied with hearing such and such words and promises.”

The Supreme Leader in another speech addressing some personnel of Iran Air Force also said, “If they want Iran to return to its JCPOA commitments, the U.S. has to lift all sanctions. And not just in words and on paper, rather they have to lift them in practice. After that, we will verify and see if they have really been lifted. Then, we will return to our JCPOA commitments.”

These two emphatic remarks have caused the U.S. confusion to get more and more. Recently and on the eve of U.S. President Joe Biden’s presence in the Munich Security Conference and delivering his speech, some pulses were signaled like the U.S. withdrawal of its request to trigger a “snapback” of Iran sanctions. But three slogans were on Biden’s agenda in the conference: Friendship with Europe, competition with China and Russia, and confrontation with the Islamic Republic of Iran and it made it clear that no drastic change has happened in the U.S. macro policies. Even if it seems they withdraw by adopting some ways, this would be considered as a tactic and it was nothing but deceit. But now the task is very clear.

The government and officials consider this Americans’ way of performance of call for talks with carrot and stick policy as a threadbare method and they have emphatically repeated that until the time all sanctions are not lifted in practice and not verified by Iran and its practical verification does not end in six months, they will not be ready to sit at the negotiation table with the U.S. at any condition.

  • source : IRAN NEWS