President Rouhani criticizes EU partners for lack of commitment
President Rouhani criticizes EU partners for lack of commitment
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday criticized the EU states parties to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action for lack of compliance with the JCPOA.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Addressing the cabinet ministers meeting on Wednesday, President Rouhani said that Iran’s remedial action to reciprocate non-compliance from the EU partners by step-by-step reduction of its JCPOA commitments cannot be criticized by them.

All agree that the US should return to its commitments, he added.

Earlier, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, referring to the US unilateral exit from the JCPOA, said that the United States must first make up for its mistake, and then Iran will respond appropriately.

Zarif has logically asked, “Why must Iran initially show its goodwill?” arguing, “Iran is a country that stood firm and emerged victorious throughout four years of cruel economic terrorism of the United States, following its breaching of both the JCPOA and the related UN Security Council Resolution 2231.”

President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that the Iranian nation has won the economic war waged by the U.S., stressing that a bright future is awaiting Iranians.

The Iranian people succeeded to foil the plots of the architects of the economic war, promising a brighter economic future for the people, Rouhani added. “The goal of the architects of the economic war was to unsettle the Iranian economy, but I assure people that a brighter future awaits our economy,” he noted. The president added, “The angry enemies are trying to stop or slow down the positive trend with broad propaganda and psychological warfare.”

In relevant remarks in late December, President said that the U.S. economic war against his nation is nearing an end, but meantime stressed that the Iranian nation is ready for decades of resistance.

Calling the sanctions a joint product of Zionism, their regional allies, and Americans, he said, “We should defuse the conspiracy of the enemies and we should not let their cruel plan against our nation continue.”

He vowed the government’s continued effort to improve the living conditions of the Iranian people in the near future.

  • source : IRNA