President, Bullying will not prevail
President, Bullying will not prevail
President Hassan Rouhani compared the collapse of the former Shah's regime in Iran to the end of the Trump administration's term and said the ending of a government with shame and disgrace proves that bullying, racism, and breaching law will not prevail.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Addressing the cabinet session on Wednesday, President Rouhani pointed to the resistance of the Iranian nation against “that big terrorist” during the past three years and said though they had fancied toppling the Iranian government in three months, they collapsed with disgrace.

Referring to the final destiny of the Trump administration in the US, he said “it is not just the end of an administration but it is the failure of maximum pressure policy against thegreat Iranian nation.”

Today is the day to overcome and defeat economic terrorism which was aimed at disturbing people’s life, he noted.

Despite all pressures and after a three-year war, violence and terrorist acts, there is stability and development in Iran’s economy, the Iranian president said.

Elsewhere in his remarks, President Rouhani lauded the 6.5% growth in the country’s industry and said that presently “not only the US maximum pressure and economic terrorism have failed to function but their plotters have collapsed themselves”.

Commenting on the US administration policies, the Iranian president said “a president who had no political understanding took control of a country and appointed a silly secretary of state and an extremist national security advisor. This is while the president himself had business and gambling ideology.”

Now that Iranians observe victory against pressure and terrorism, Americans are facing a big failure in social and political arenas and a big rift inside the US, Rouhani said.

He advised the US to stop breaking the law, violating commitments, saying damages caused by Trump will not be compensated soon.

  • source : IRNA