People are worry about sportsmanship
People are worry about sportsmanship
Some people worry about the future of sportsmanship since it has gradually been disappearing from sports. The fact is sports without chivalrous behavior is nothing.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – An Olympic medal is priceless but no athlete is allowed to consider himself superior to other people due to what he has achieved in the sports competitions.

The Iranian people will never forget legendary wrestler Gholamreza Takhti because of his sportsmanship, not for medals he won in Olympics.

Popularly nicknamed Jahān Pahlevān – “The World Champion” – because of his chivalrous behavior, he was the most popular athlete of Iran in the 20th century, although dozens of Iranian athletes have won more international medals than he did.

On Wednesday, Hadi Saei, two-time gold Olympic medal winner, slapped the secretary of the Iran taekwondo league organization, accusing the official of welcoming him late in the competition’s hall.

The disciplinary Committee of the Iran Taekwondo Federation suspended Saei, who is the most successful Iranian athlete in Olympic history with two gold medals and one bronze, for one year.

Many people are right to worry about the future of sportsmanship.

People love celebrities because they are an integral part of each society and public figures should behave in public in a responsible way.

Saei should Stop giving himself airs as soon as possible since winning a medal is not everything but winning the others’ hearts is more important.

Takhti will remain forever a true champion for the Iranians for what he has done for his nation.

Hundreds of thousands of mourners commemorate Takhti’s death anniversary after half a century.

With malicious behaviors such as this, people lose faith in their figures and it could be upsetting. Sports should bring people together because of the nature it has.

Saei should publicly apologize for the wrong behavior he has done.

He should not waste the time, since so many Iranian taekwondo athletes have idolized him.

  • source : Tehran Times