Horrible Death in the Book “The Death of the West”
Horrible Death in the Book “The Death of the West”
A book has been recently written and distributed with the title of “The Death of the West” and in the first days of the release, an unimaginable number of its copies have been sold.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – A book has been recently written and distributed with the title of the “The Death of the West” and in the first days of the release, an unimaginable number of its copies have been sold. The author of the book is Patrick J. Buchanan who is almost a famous American paleoconservative political commentator, columnist, politician, and broadcaster who has been at least advisor to three U.S. Presidents, and so far in as many as books like the latest one has criticized the western culture and has released his books like  “Day of Reckoning”, “State of Emergency” and “Where the Right Went Wrong.”

Buchanan has recently published his book “The Death of the West” which became the bestseller of the year. The significance of this lies in this point that the author is not an unknown, common man, unfamiliar with understanding social, political, and cultural conditions but he is the one who is a columnist in some most-circulated American newspapers and he has three popular political TV shows in CBS and CNN and is considered as one of the elites of the country.

The author of “The Death of the West” in his book due to his accurate familiarity with Western societies has given a deep analysis of the future developments of these countries. He believes that currently, two related deaths have merged in the West’s horizon: moral death which has trespassed all borders of training, ethical and traditional values, and the demographic or population death that the government reports reflect it fully and without edit, and open up bitter truths.

This means the workforce in those countries is on the decline and it is almost getting old and they have no solution but to use the young immigrants from other countries unless these societies turn to a cultural revolution to revive the moral values and to bring these societies back to their real stands. He says the death ahead of the West is a horrible and a terrible death because it is the result of an illness that these societies themselves have made it, and chosen it as their lifestyles, and not because of aliens’ invasion or military defeats.

This disease is much worse than the plague which broke out in the West during the 14th century and almost killed half of their population. Currently, novel cholera kills the youth in the West, and the West especially Europe is turning into the continent of the elderly. This is not a tale of clever conjecture or unproven scientific theories but it is a truth that shocks any thoughtful man especially when the language of statistics begins to reveal the hidden truths in society.

The moral decline for collecting more votes is just one of the consequent grounds made by the West. The phenomenon of homosexuality in the West has reached a point which has not been perceived, to this extent, flagrantly and openly. What its conception was impossible in the past, is today common among the young and old Western girl and boy in the society, and the more disastrous is that how a woman like Hillary Clinton who once was the U.S.  First Lay, Secretary of the State, and Democrat Party candidate for running the U.S. presidency, probably with massive propagation is considered as one of the social model roles in the country, participates in the rallies of homosexuals, and in her TV interview announces her consolidation with the marchers and expresses her support to this abnormal behavior of this layer of the American society. Is not it a disaster? The other disaster which may lead to the decline of Western institutions is the collapse of the family that the author in this book has meticulously gone through it.

The American and European societies for years by accepting the decrease of fertility have accepted the gradual death of them with indifference and this death is because of the cultural and intellectual choices of Western societies. Biological death is the result of the death of values and cultural commitments in the West. The disintegration of family and decline in religious culture is the main factor behind this phenomenon that in the past used to act as a barrier against abortion, worldliness, and promiscuity. Propagation of unhealthy sexual relations under the slogan of honoring individual freedoms has also helped the ruin of the primary core of Western society, namely, the family. The language of numbers in this process is by far more horrible.

For example, the number of abortions in the U.S. from 6,000 in 1975 when it was legalized has currently reached 5.1m per year and the percentage of fatherless children (children without biological fathers) has exceeded from 25 percent of its total population and almost one-third of the American children live in the houses of their unreal parents.

Another index that is very dangerous is the percentage of suicides in the U.S. that it has currently been tripled since 1960 and the number of the drug-addicts, excluding those who are only drug users, has exceeded 6 million people (of course the number of people using arms and shooting either reasonably or unreasonably could be added to these figures). By the way, the slump in the number of marriages in the U.S., and the spread of sexual relations out of wedlock continues.”

By writing this article, I believe the author of this book in the future would write some book on the disintegrated cultural and political institutions of the West. The West today accepts terrorism. It also commits assassination and also remains silent regarding the assassinations. A completely disintegrated West in terms of principles and behaviors, once it was to be a safe haven for the world elites, has reached a wretched situation so that it assassinates a lieutenant general of a country in another country hosting him and its satellites and allies applaud it.

They kill nuclear scientists by bombing them in Iran and the West just watches. Massacre of innocent children and displacing people in Yemen is an evident and natural habit for the West. Woe to this West which has accepted a death which brings along a historic disgrace.

  • source : IRAN NEWS