Write It Saddam , Read It Erdogan
Write It Saddam , Read It Erdogan
Reading out the poem “Araz, Araz” and actually it means “Aras, Aras (Aras River)” by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Write It Saddam , Read It Erdogan

Reading out the poem “Araz, Araz” and actually it means “Aras, Aras (Aras River)” by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has only revealed half a percent of hidden malice of this ambitious Freemason that has got so bad that even Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif responded to Erdogan’s remarks by saying, “No one can talk about our beloved Azerbaijan.”


The esteemed readers remember that during the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict over Karabakh, I wrote an article with the title of “Atheist or Hypocrisy, Which One Should We Side With?” In that article that I wrote on October 7, I explained the reason why Erdogan was supporting Azerbaijan Republic in war with Armenia that this malicious man thinks more of Turkish Empire rather than merely thinking of the support of Azerbaijan. But interests definitely required that we put Armenia under pressure in order that Erdogan’s intentions are materialized by Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev. In that article I had written

“Have anyone thought that Turkey in supporting Republic of Azerbaijan’s invasion at Armenia is pursuing some part of its scenario on Neo-Ottomanization? That Nagorno-Karabakh dispute has very dimensions and multi-dimensions like inland, outland, regional and even international roots and for this reason all regional and international actors are involved in this dispute, ”and in justifying Turkey’s behavior in the very article I had written, “Suppose that we have not had and do not have any peaceful relation with Armenia which is a non-Islamic country and we call them atheist but how can we not see the goals of Turkey behind this dispute? Turkey’s interest for active presence in the Caucasus region and cooperation and proximity with Azerbaijan can be analyzed as the hegemonic goals and its major goals can be enumerated clearly. First Turkey with supporting Azerbaijan has a strategic approach to the Caucasus Region for creating a strategic balance for competition with regional actors like Russia and Iran and attaches a special attention to extending its joint border with Iran. Secondly, economic goals of Turkey in the Caucasus Region for providing its energy through developing and expanding the oil pipeline (Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan), and cooperation with Azerbaijan has a far-sighted process and it is part of its Neo-Ottomanization strategy in the region. Thirdly, Turkey’s motivation for entering the South Caucasus Region is accompanied with a nationalism and ideological approach. Turkish language, religion and common religion have made Turkey’s President Erdogan have a special view blended support from Azerbaijan in the Karabakh issue. Now it is quite clear some of expenditures which are spent by Pan-Turkism in Iran are financed through which avenues. Smartly one should notice that the dominant condition on Caucasus region is in a way that countries which struggling with crises like Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan have to rely on regional and trans-regional powers and actors for pursuing their goals and relation because of their incapability in managing the crisis and settling the disputes. So the success of Turkey in this region will not ever be to the benefit of the region.”

“The reason that Turkey does not intend to convince Azerbaijan to accept Iran’s mediation as the sheikh (leader and elder) of the region lies in this issue that the unconstructive role of international actors like  the OSCE Minsk Group (the U.S., Russia and France) is very calculated and bold for settling the dispute due to their differences over their interests, and continuity of the dispute and above all success of Azerbaijan will never be to the benefit of a sustainable peace in this geography.”

Now with recent Erdogan’s remarks, it is crystal clear that the Western-Arab-Hebrew current is seeking fracas in the region and goes ahead with an intention of secession in Iran and I have had no doubt and you should also have no doubt that Erdogan has smelt scent of kabab (barbecue) but he does not know it was the smell of branding the donkey.

Good behavior of President Hassan Rouhani’s government with Erdogan in the past can witness its harmony or its inexperience, and the risk lies here when enemies are planning to dictate their secessionist policies, these Erdogan’s remarks are the telltale sign of a plot which has been disclosed through his mouth.

We should know that the danger of Erdogan of today is more than of Saddam Hussein because Saddam had no fraternization with the domestic current, and even the terrorist grouplet MKO members on the orders of London in 1979 turned to Saddam but Erdogan has had a weapon with the tool of Turkish language, so called pan-Turkism, and also finding friend in the process of coexistence with Iran government. Of course, I merely warn and do not intend to accuse anyone in the country.

  By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS