Why Is Erdogan the Replica of Saddam?
Why Is Erdogan the Replica of Saddam?
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s behaviors during the past four years and even with conducting sham coup d’etat to eliminate his opponents have created grounds

Why Is Erdogan the Replica of Saddam?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s behaviors during the past four years and even with conducting sham coup d’etat to eliminate his opponents have created grounds for emerging beliefs in the people of the world especially in the West Asia that he is after revival of Ottoman Empire with the modern mechanisms that if he has naively craved for revival of the Ottoman Empire as a modus operandi for his survival in power, and theatrically and sympathetically showing support to the regional states, one should analyze him in this deep, unsustainable and unbelievable hallucinatory context because this illusion was so that he has made his exhibitive guards wear dressings of different nationalities in order to show that he intends coexistence with the countries once Britain had chopped them into small pieces from Ottoman Empire and has appointed its agents in power in those countries.


However with what is said, does anybody accept, for instance, him to be concerned about the territorial integrity of Republic of Azerbaijan while he himself has occupied some parts of Iraq and Syria’s territories and adventures in Libya? If we believe the West Asia region is at risk of “Christian Zionism”, then we should see what relation Erdogan’s stances in the recent years has had with this link (UK, U.S. and Israel). From another angle, is it believable a government to claim of forming an empire while it itself has turned into the military colony of the U.S. and the NATO?

Turkish government for almost several decades has been begging to join European Union but each time it has been humiliated by one of the countries and recently by the EU. With these humiliations which even angered Erdogan so that in August 2016 he said, “Europe has been deceiving us for 53 years,” and before EU accepts Turkey as its member, the country has started the dream of being an empire and creating a big illusion, should not we consider him an emerging Saddam (Hussein) in the region?

Of course this point is one hundred percent correct that Europeans for decades have made Turkey as the member of its military branch (NATO) and have exploited it in favor of them and 28 European countries are not even ready to share their economic advantages with this country and the output of this approach of Europe and obedience of Turkey has been $430b of foreign debts for Turkey and it is predicted that this amount of foreign debts, through pledging some part of the country to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund that are run by the U.S. and Europe, may soon hit $465b.

Unfortunately losses in consecutive gambles instead of awakening Erdogan have pushed him towards worse gambles, exactly like the gambles he did during eight years of devastating war of Saddam Hussein with Iran and for a couple of months with Kuwait which led to destruction of him and his Baath Party. Turkey is today moving in the same direction. Let’s regard the remarks of Diyarbakır representative to Turkish Parliament. Hisyar Ozsoy is representative of city of Diyarbakr in Turkish Parliament. In one of the parliament open sessions he launched a scathing attack at Erdogan government’s foreign policy and accused him of domestic projection and conquest with the mentality of becoming an emperor.

Speaking during the parliament session for reviewing the next year budget bill, Ozsoy who is a member of Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) said, “Look! What Turkey is exporting to the Middle East and the world?  Soldiers, military equipment and if it does not have them, it exports thug paramilitary to Syria. It does it or as you know it dispatches paramilitary to Libya. Everybody knows it, everybody in the world. But those who say that we are in a anti-colonialism war, a little bit earlier than your claim and recently former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq and Turkey James Jeffrey in an article published in the Al-Monitor news website has said that I recommend you to read … Do you know what he says? He says ‘We need Turkey very much because we really can’t “do” the Middle East, the Caucuses or the Black Sea without Turkey. And Turkey is a natural opponent of Russia and Iran.’ “We can’t” can have a lot of meanings.”

The lawmaker adds “Jeffery says ‘We can’t take any action without Turkey in Black Sea, Middle East and the Caucasus and even it is needed we should end Syria war with the assistance of Turkey but we should not give the victory as a gift to Iran and Russia.’ He also says ‘We use Turkey’s military power in the war in Syria’ and I will not any longer go through the rest of his article. I has repeatedly in this podium said here that Turkey does not have any humanitarian and innovative foreign policy. Erdogan foreign policy is totally interventionist and where he sees vacuums, he moves to take advantage of them.”

Ozsoy continues, “Turkish foreign policy is dominated by colonial powers. It means its policies are in line with meeting the demands of colonial powers and they even tell us to do this in order that they financially support us. Look! There are some days that I have been hearing and all of you have also heard about the budget that they say there is no reason to worry about it. Turkey is a NATO member and the U.S. is gradually leaving the region and it wants Turkey to fill this gap. For days, I have been openly hearing it. These are not my words, these are what the Western powers say that Russia is present in Libya and Syria, of course in Syria, but actually Russia and Iran are both present there and ultimately we put Turkey as the NATO member against them. They say for almost 70 to 80 years Turkey has been part of Western bloc and been trying to turn into one of the NATO powers, it means it has 70 to 80 years of background from 1950 till today which is a 70-year background. Today we have reached a point that the U.S., EU and European Council all of them have reached this point to sanction us.”

This is an analysis of a Turkish parliament lawmaker who derides the claim of fight with imperialism and clandestinely accuses Turkey of being lackey of Imperialism. Exactly like Saddam was afflicted with it verbally and practically.

  By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS