The West’s Modus Operandi Is Excuse-Seeking
The West’s Modus Operandi Is Excuse-Seeking
Human sciences have been acquired based on the time axis and during thousands of years

The West’s Modus Operandi Is Excuse-Seeking

Human sciences have been acquired based on the time axis and during thousands of years, and also based on transformation of the gained experiences that with curiosity of the mankind have won cognition or in human’s behavior, and his needs for repetition and emergence of experience have turned into some kind of science.


In continuity of engendering any experience which has been repeatedly attained by man, lot of time and huge costs have been spent and these costs, of course, have created the ground for interests-seeking habit of humankind. Today men have tied any one of his achieved knowledge to an experience, and has made out of that knowledge and experience a base for their superiority over others. One series of these sciences can be called social sciences or sociology that mankind through his existence has given form and experimental symbols to commonalities, bonds and relations and has defined them on course to his interests in the sociology because the infrastructure of this ontology is defined by the approach to the world and worldview, and he has defined bio-behavioral schools proportionate to his geographical surrounding in acceptance of his people, and insists on making rule of law for general obedience.

The distinguishing point of behaviors in any people or nation begins from this point and enjoys this approach that if on course to acceptances, the people seek the logic behind it and demand another approach, they are challenged. Western and Eastern theories are based on this procedure that they accuse each other of deceitful speech. The Western logic today, in a general symbol, has pretended human-orientation and evaluates others under a method called liberalism while today in East and West of the world, not all of countries and nations all have accepted liberalism.

We should accept this point that with this very Western approach that the liberalism can have its own advantages and disadvantages for humanity, schools and religions and relations of others can also have advantages and disadvantages in implementation or behavioral disobedience for nations. Western approach is not at any cost ready to accept its weaknesses and lack of meeting the human needs in the form and content. One of these rejections is the religion-escape attitude of governments in the East and the West. With escaping from the religion today man has stayed away from the supernatural and spiritual and he is content with materialistic life. The maximum needs of humanity in religion-orientation and beliefs have been restricted to the individual God-seeking. In the Western society, God is some kind of inmate in the hearts of the people and its manifestation not only is not promoted but also is confronted. According to this meaning and concept, the West today has lost its logic of accepting the opinions of others. With the self-made pretexts like human rights, it challenges beliefs of others and condemn them. Implementation of capital punishment in the argumentative logic of most behaviors and beliefs is law-oriented. But today the West opposes any country or nation with related laws for punishing its corruption-seeking individuals and felons in its own geographical territory and fights with it and even makes hullabaloo.

In Canada which is known as the heaven of fugitives (Land of Wanted), culprits are given shelters and are incited to betray their people and country. That someone to be their mercenary and to disturb public opinion of his nation by resorting to any trick is fully supported and implementation of punishment against him is considered something against human rights while even the human rights that they insist on it does not let disturb public opinion and consider it a clear offence. This behavior before creating a doctrine and even a logic for the West has created a tool and pretext for opposing the independence of humanity in any part of the world. Today easily and with the reasoning logic, one can consider the West as excuse-seeker and resemble its behavior to a struggling ploy rather than a human achievement.

  By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS