Morocco establish full relations
Morocco establish full relations
The Secretary-General of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening condemned the normalization of Moroccan relations with the Zionist regime, calling it a betrayal of the Islamic world.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – “Morocco announced its readiness to establish full relations with Israel 42 years ago during the reign of King Hassan II, following the infamous Camp David peace treaty between Egypt and Israel regime,” said Ali Akbar Velayati in a message issued on Friday.

“Two years after when the Zionist regime reached an agreement with the Palestine Liberation Organization, Morocco re-established full relations with the regime in 1995,” he added, saying, “It was forced to cut ties with the occupying regime in Quds after the beginning of the great Palestinian resistance intifada in 2000.”

“Unfortunately, over the past decades, Morocco has hosted several regime leaders, such as Isaac Robin and Shimon Peres, and has openly and covertly established close ties. Meanwhile, the Moroccan government did not restrict Israeli flights to Morocco, and tens of thousands of Israelis traveled to Morocco each year, so the recent normalization of Morocco’s relations with the Zionists is not a new issue,” Velayati highlighted.

He said, “The new point in announcing the normalization and establishment of a new relationship is, in fact, the deal that took place between the triangle of the United States, Morocco, and the Zionist regime. In this deal, in the face of Morocco’s betrayal of Islam and the Palestinian cause, the United States recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over the Arabian Desert.”

“The World Assembly of Islamic Awakening condemns these betrayals by the Kingdom of Morocco, UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan and emphasizes that all leaders, personalities, elites, scholars, thinkers, intellectuals, academics of the Islamic world should condemn the recognition of this regime and confront this betrayal with political, social, media measures, as well as imposing sanctions on Israeli-made goods as the action of Morocco and some other reactionary countries is a betrayal of the Islamic world and the cause of Palestine,” he stressed.

On Thursday, Morocco became the fourth Arab country since August to strike a deal aimed at normalizing relations with the Israeli regime. The others were the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Sudan.

As part of the agreement, US President Donald Trump agreed to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over the Western Sahara, where there has been a decades-old territorial dispute with Morocco pitted against the Algeria-backed Polisario Front, a breakaway movement that seeks to establish an independent state in the territory.

  • source : Mehr