Messi took fewer games than Pele to score 643
Messi took fewer games than Pele to score 643
In his old days - perdón Leo! - Lionel Messi managed to set or even break records.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Edson Arantes do Nascimento, or Pele or O Rei (the king) managed to score an incredible 643 goals during his 17-year professional career (between 1957 and 1974). And all of them for FC Santos, as Pele never changed clubs.

That number was a world record for the most goals by a player for a single club. The fact that a certain Romário claims to have scored more than 1,000 goals, including international goals, is only mentioned in passing in this context.

Messi took nine fewer games than Pele to score 643

But since yesterday, Pele broke this record. Because with the goal against the ché from Valencia, Messi’s number of hits for the Blaugrana now adds up to these 643 goals – but in nine games fewer. While Pele needed 757 games for his record, la pulga got by with 748 games.

And nobody seriously doubts that Messi will at least score again in the remaining games of the season – and thus can claim the record for the number of goals.

Pele’s congratulations on the record – and on Lionel Messi’s career

The dethroned Pele still had no problem congratulating his Argentinean alter ego: “Congratulations on your historic record and, above all, on your great career at FC Barcelona, ​​Lionel. When your heart overflows with love, it’s hard to take a different path “, O Rei referred to Messi’s loyalty to his club for a decade and a half.

“Like you, I know what it means to wear the same jersey every day for the same club. And, like you, I know that there can be nothing better than playing football in a place where you are at home feels “, the 80-year-old Brazilian posted on his Instagram account.

“Stories like ours, about the love for a single club for such a long time, are becoming increasingly rare in today’s football. I admire you very much, Leo Messi!”

  • source : 90Min