Human Rights, Cover-Up for the Sin of Rulers of Mankind
Human Rights, Cover-Up for the Sin of Rulers of Mankind
Every year the so-called human rights organizations on December 10 which is Human Rights Day observe it somewhat

Human Rights, Cover-Up for the Sin of Rulers of Mankind

Every year the so-called human rights organizations on December 10 which is Human Rights Day observe it somewhat without noting in the past 72 years after adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights what has happened to the mankind, and continue closing their eyes on the tyranny of rulers of wealth, power and hypocrisy.


The proof for the claim is just here which happened on December 9, 2020.  UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet during her speech outspokenly says she has pinned high hopes on the new U.S. President (Joe Biden) because he has made a series of promising pledges regarding sets of commitments and this hope includes a behavior that during his presidency, Biden would take some actions and effective steps for improving the human rights condition in his country and in the world.

Theoretically and not practically, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 1948. On this occasion and in the 72nd anniversary of adopting this declaration, Human Rights Day is to hold a one-year campaign in order to mark the 72the universal declaration of human rights .This is a historical document which announces unalienable rights that all enjoy it as a human regardless of race, color, religion, sex, language, political or other beliefs, nationality, wealth, birth or anything else.

Everywhere it is read or heard so that without materialization of human rights, one cannot pin hopes on sustainable development. Human rights is the main core of sustainable development objectives in all part of the world, and in the absence of human dignity, there is no possibility for achieving sustainable development either physically or conceptually.

The climate of discrimination in the world today has defamed the human rights declaration because it was supposed that sustainable peace and equal human rights would be observed for all mankind in the world but in this press conference, Bachelet has just pointed to few pledges given by the U.S. President-elect Biden like expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals protections, an increase of the number of refugees to be resettled, end of family separation, end to the construction of the border wall, protection for child arrivals, abortion, eradicating racism, healthcare, banning torture and an overhaul of the asylum system,” and she has said she is optimistic over materialization of pledges of new U.S. President.

These short remarks of Bachelet indicate how much the amount of implementation and expansion of human rights in the world and even in the U.S. as the cradle of liberty has been. One of the interesting things is that U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday and in a statement on the occasion of Human Rights Day noted, “The U.S. on the Human Rights Day respects all rights and freedoms stipulated in the 1948 Universal Human Rights Declaration.” He has said this day has special reverberation for the Americans because the U.S. has been the first country which has been founded based on this idea that all human beings are created equally and their Creator has given them equal rights.

I put Pompeo’s remarks beside Bachelet’s remarks who expects U.S. President-elect to take important actions, and fully explain that human rights issue has become a cover-up for sins of people like Pompeo who have not imagined clearly in practice any right for major part of the people in the world. There is sea of distance between the human rights that the U.S. and its supporters has materialized since adaptation of the declaration 72 years ago with the Human rights Islam has presented to the world.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation member states adopted the text of their declaration on human rights where in its preamble has been stipulated, “With belief in Almighty Allah, God of the world people and creator of universe and giver of blessings, that God who has created man in the best way possible and has given him dignity and has made him as His successor on the earth, that God who has handed over the task of developing and correcting the earth and has handed over the divine tasks to him and whatever is in the skies and on the earth all have been put in his possession, and with confirming the message of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that Almighty has sent him for guidance and His genuine religion and has made him a blessing for the world people and freedom of slaves and demolisher of all taghuts )Taghut is Islamic terminology denoting a focus of worship other than God) and arrogances, the Prophet who has announced equality for all humanity and has not set any priority for superiority of one over the other except in their taqva (The term meaning “to keep away from sins and to obey God’s orders) and has removed all distances and reluctance among people, the people whom God has created them from one soul, and with considering the genuine tawhid (Tawhid is the indivisible oneness concept of monotheism in Islam) belief that Islam’s structure has been laid on it , a belief that has called on the mankind to worship nobody but God and to consider no one as His partner and not to replace God with anyone, a belief that has been set on the genuine responsible liberty of mankind and his dignity and has announced freedom of man from the slavery.”

In the current coronavirus-hit condition, the world has been witnessing slavery of 80m people in that so-called cradle of liberty that Pompeo honors. So one frankly can say that adoption of human rights declaration has guaranteed  double standard actions that one has been the source of poverty and misery and the other one has been supporting wealth, force, power and modern feudalism on humankind.

  By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS