Collapse, the Main Aim of Hackers
Collapse, the Main Aim of Hackers
The U.S. in President Donald Trump era has had a special difference with other editions of presidencies in the U.S. history

Collapse, the Main Aim of Hackers

The U.S. in President Donald Trump era has had a special difference with other editions of presidencies in the U.S. history and the difference has been that the decision-makers in the White House were not military. In this four-year period, Trump has always accused previous administrations of expending which has not benefitted the U.S. in the whole world, and especially in the West Asia. This method of administering the country by Trump has led to restriction in the U.S. military budget and massive withdrawals from the U.S. ambitious stances in any part of the world by the U.S. military.


Emergence of morale lacking ambition and motivation in all military elements and its spread to the security structure has made the U.S. suffer from multidimensional confusions. That the U.S. with such deafening propagation and even with explicit claim of fight with terrorism and with fell to assassination of Martyr Qassem Soleimani and his comrades in Iraq is one of these confusions. That the U.S. in its haplessness regarding managing the COVID-19 pandemic accuses China is one of these confusions. That the U.S. presidential election structure has turned into an unusual bipolarity with norm-breaking behaviors is one of these confusions.

Of course, by writing this article I mean mostly attention on a strange confusion that has targeted the U.S. cyber system. In the news it has been reported that the U.S. after discovering a cyber-attack has noticed that the attack has been underway for over ten months with the most complicated methods and also realized that its control and its methods of prevention and defense against it had no plans, and it has not found yet the possible discovery of the source and trace of these attacks.

The U.S. president has recently assured that the cyber-attack is under control. Experts believe that under control in view of the U.S. officials means shutting down the cyber systems that for the time being that the systems could remain immune from the Russian detriment. Of course, despite different U.S. officials’ charges against Russian hackers, Russians have strongly denied those charges and have asked the U.S. officials to show down genuine, logical and documented evidence for their claim.

However American officials are not sure that Russians have a hand at this cyber-attack and they have not presented any evidence and document on Russian engagement in this attack and speculations believe this idea that Americans have moved on course to accusing Russians. However what is seen in the U.S. media climate is that the U.S. cyber army has been inflicted with heavy and irrecoverable blows.

One should take this point into consideration that the U.S. Administration has suffered heavy blows in several occasions and has lost many of its classified documents and secrets of its state-of-the-art technologies but in none of the previous occasion it had been involved with such a structural confusion.

The biggest hacking action that one can see its result openly is the manufacture of the fifth generation of fighter jets by China that by employing the confidential designing knowhow and technologies of the U.S. F-35 and F-36 in less than three years bore fruit, and the Chinese unveiled and flew their fighter jets before the Americans unveiled their F-35s.

Although data and information about the military technology is of great importance, the biggest concern of the Americans is not limited merely to the military technology and hacking some parts of air systems information but this concern is about the more strategic dimensions which will have more perils in the longtime. Let’s have a look back at what one of the American news agencies, the Associated Press, has covered on this issue recklessly, “Could Hackers Have Obtained Nuclear Secrets? COVID-19 Vaccine data? Blueprints for Next-Generation Weapons Systems?”

This type of speculations by the media is stated while it shows itself that these media outlets do not have actually any certain achievement and the amount of their information is very little and it is mostly speculations because if they had had anything special, they would not have passed it very easily and they would go for exposing the elements and currents, and would take the issue into the political scene.

In this complicated case, probably it may take several weeks, several months or even more time for experts of the digital sleuths combing through U.S. government and private industry networks to get the answers that show the infiltration holes and methods of hacking. Experts say these hackers are consummate pros at covering their tracks. What’s seems clear is that this campaign — which cybersecurity experts says exhibits the tactics and techniques of Russia’s SVR foreign intelligence agency — will rank among the most prolific in the annals of cyberespionage.

However Americans should be asked, with taking into consideration of the past experience of their sophisticated drone being hacked and being landed on the land of the Islamic Republic of Iran, how they have dared to dispatch their nuclear submarine to the Persian Gulf and they have not feared the route of it towards northern coasts is not been traced.

It seems the aim behind hacking systems in different organizations in the U.S. from the Treasury Department and industries to the intelligence agencies is to wear out and to disappoint the American systems of getting the gesture of being a super power and to accept the federative collapse that fortunately by the U.S. refrain from retreating its political stand and insistence on its false ambition of being a super power, it itself foments more the materialization of hackers’

  By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS