Active role in history, Foreign Minister
Active role in history, Foreign Minister
Iran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Sunday that the great Iranian nation has always been an active player in international arena and some efforts to challenge the power of diplomacy are not showing the real history of the Iranians.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Addressing the fourth Conference on the History of Iran’s Foreign Policy, which was held via video conference, FM Zarif noted that the history of the country’s foreign relations is full of endeavors and sacrifices by the Iranian people in the face of foreign invasions as well as the story of their economic and cultural exchanges with other nations.
The first and foremost point that seems to be very important in learning from Iran’s foreign relations is that Iran has always been an active player and the Iranians could find ways to play their role in regional and international arenas, Zarif stated.
According to such a long history of foreign relations, he added, diplomacy has always been an integral part of the socio-political life of the Iranian nation; so, the current unreal attempts to belittle diplomacy are deficient and inaccurate in terms of history, incorrect in terms of analysis and contrary to the country’s interests in terms of foreign policy.
He also emphasized that the promotion of historical relationships between Iran and other Asian countries would pave the ground for enhancing constructive ties, which could be beneficial in today’s world.
Diplomacy provides international players with the atmosphere of interaction, security as well as bargaining power, the Iranian top diplomat said, adding that the relations between Iran and other Asian nations date back to more than 4,500 years.

  • source : IRNA