West politically abusing UN Human Rights Council
West politically abusing UN Human Rights Council
Iran's Parliament Human Rights and Citizenship Faction in a statement on Sat. strongly condemned political resolution of three European states against Iran, stating that West is politically abusing UN Human Right Council.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Once again, enmity and hostility of some Western governments towards the Iranian nation was revealed and Iranian nation was punished by issuing a political resolution due to its practical commitments to fulfill its rights, protecting human dignity and defending rights of independent nations.

This time, UN Human Rights Council, which is a body established for the promotion of human rights and protection of rights of nations against the tyranny and oppression of arrogant and human rights violators, became a tool of political abuse of these countries.

The great nation of Islamic Iran has no doubts about the political abuse of the UN Human Rights Council by the Western governments, because despite the explicit disagreement of 64 countries and abstention vote of 32 countries as member states of the UN Human Rights Council, it was approved by the political decision of the Western governments.

The question of freedom-seeking people of the world especially the noble nation of Islamic Iran from the Western governments, as claimant of human rights, is that the occupying Zionist regime and invading Saudi regime should kill how many more Palestinian and Yemeni children in order to deserve a serious response from international human rights monitoring mechanisms? A country that has allowed sale of weapons in its own country for economic gain in order to have the highest number of murders with firearms. How long should black Americans be oppressed by the racist regime in the United States? To what extent should Iranian people lose lives of their beloved one due to the criminal US drug sanctions? The answer is very clear.

For this purpose, Iranian Parliament’s Human Rights and Citizenship Faction calls on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Rights Headquarters of the Islamic Republic of Iran to use all diplomatic capacities to take measures to prevent hostile actions by Western governments in the field of human rights and activate the legal and political capacities of independent countries to save human rights from the political domination of Western governments in international bodies.

  • source : Mehr