The White House , Trump and the Secret Plan
The White House , Trump and the Secret Plan
In the current condition the judgement regarding the U.S. presidential election results is not so easy

The White House , Trump and the Secret Plan

In the current condition the judgement regarding the U.S. presidential election results is not so easy because in recent days the recounts of some votes in some swing states whose results have been questioned by the White House have been suspicious. In the U.S. elections, most of the election organizers continued counting the ballots ignoring the White House appeal for recount but U.S. President Donald Trump without having any valid evidences and revealing them has claimed about massive vote-rigging in the election and has vowed to challenge it in the highest U.S. judicial body, namely the Supreme Court.


It is still unknown exactly how he is to lodge his complaint in the court. He and his campaign have taken independently some legal actions in some key states, and for example, in Pennsylvania and Michigan, he has requested the court for recounting the ballots and all his requests for recount have been rejected by the courts.

One of the issues which have been challenged by Trump is the mail-in ballots arriving after the state’s 7 p.m. of November 3 deadlines. According to the approved law of the state, the ballots can be counted till three days after the polls. The Republicans before the Election Day took twice this state law to the court in Pennsylvania but they failed in this state once in their effort in the state supreme court and another time in the national Supreme Court.

Now the Trump campaign is after reopening the case in the Supreme Court. This is one of the challenges that Mr. Trump and his supporters have pined hope on it to succeed. Mr. Matthew Weil, the Bipartisan Policy Research Center’s elections project, in an interview has said that he was concerned that legal explanations could have failed to create doubts for Trump, and the president might have relied on his 6-man co-party team in the Supreme Court. This historical memory shows us that last time when the Supreme Court was deadlocked, and four conservative judges versus three liberal judges as well as the Chief Justice John Roberts failed about the final verdict on the issue but this time by election of Judge Amy Coney Barrett who is a conservative, the issue would be possible to be reviewed with new approach.

Weil says before the election and when the result of votes in the Supreme Court was 4-4 and was deadlocked on this dispute, they expressed willing to take the issue to the court and review it in the future. He added, “I do think there is a risk that some of those [postal] ballots that were cast by election day and not received until Friday may be discarded”, he said. Despite this, he says “My guess is that it’s not going to be a huge number of ballots that could be thrown out, so the election would have to be very, very close for that to matter”.

Regardless of this impartial viewpoint whose impartiality is not clear because it will seal the result in favor of Joe Biden, an important issue is being shaped in the U.S. climate and it is the tensions created in line with bringing supporters to Washington and this atmosphere may move in a direction that may not  let the country to stay away from bi-polarization even if Trump himself wants to retreat from his stance.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama in a warning interview has pointed to his concern about undermining the democracy in the U.S. but the Trump clan pays no attention to such consequences.

It seems recent visits of U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and U.S. Special Representative for Iran and Venezuela Elliot Abrams to the occupied lands (Israel) and their meetings with the Zionist regime may speak of some explanations about a behind-the-scene plan that the White House has concealed it behind its claim of not conceding the defeat in the election.

The visits can appease the concerns of the Zionist regime and at the same time they can explain the secret plan that the plan essentially can be the Republican’s evaluation of the current U.S. economy and they are actually seeking dividing the country into two parts in order that they could hand the doubts over  to some part of the country, and they themselves ride the other rich part of the country.

  By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS