Startup Activist  Shares Her Expertise on Supporting Startups
Startup Activist  Shares Her Expertise on Supporting Startups
Mitra Ferdows, a startup investment expert, stressed the need to support new businesses and startups in a meeting with academic elites and investors.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Ferdows is a business law graduate from Loyola Marymount University in the United States and is one of the strongest voices supporting startups. She is also an investor in many startup companies that are usually based on risky ideas and their business models are mostly disruptive.

One of the reasons she entered this sector is that she has worked in the biggest startup hub in the world in the US and has done extensive research on startups at the international level. Undoubtedly, there were many obstacles in her way, but her interest in investing and supporting startup businesses has determined her to continue.

At this meeting, Mitra Ferdows placed a lot of emphasis on supporting startups and new businesses and considered it a necessity.

“Today, startups play an undeniable role in the development and prosperity of societies,” said the startup activist and investor. “Creating a new way of thinking, creating jobs, advancing industry, creating new jobs, earning money and growing the economy through technology is the result of supporting this emerging phenomenon.” She added.

Ferdows added: “If our goal is economic growth and the creation of new jobs, we must trust and support people with dreams. Although investing in startups is risky, they can be supported by research and potential investment opportunities.”

She, who has a history of investing in various startups, continued: “New startups need to raise capital to achieve their goals in a short time. On the other hand, investors can buy a part of the shares of startup companies, while partnering, to help achieve their goals.”

“The covid-19 pandemic has seriously damaged traditional businesses around the world and in some cases led to their complete closure,” Ferdows said. “This was a compelling reason to support startups, especially online startups. The boom in startups not only creates jobs and income, but in some cases can help traditional businesses prevent stagnation or even closure.” She added.

“The initial obstacles for starting startups are the cost of setting up an office, equipment, establishing the company, administration, law, tax, and so on, so we have to support young graduates of related fields to overcome these obstacles.” She said of the mechanisms of supporting startups.

“So far, a large number of talented young people have been supported by us in the field of scholarships, employment and partnerships for starting new businesses, and we are trying to continue this movement. Through our team, we are identifying start-ups in need of financial support.” Mitra Ferdows concluded.

  • source : IRAN NEWS